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Michigan teacher goes viral on TikTok after sweet retirement send-off from students

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"I thought it would be fun to reach the 50-year mark," Steelman, 72, told Fox News Digital from Italy, where she's on a vacation postponed two years from COVID-19. AFTER TEXAS SCHOOL SHOOTING, TEACHERS WEIGH IN ON H...

버지니아 교사, 학생 성추행 신고 후 보복 해고 주장

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Vandermeulen은 한 학생이 그녀를 만졌다고 주장했습니다., 그녀를 더듬고 그녀의 사생활을 80 하루에 몇 번, 관리자는 단순히 그녀에게 앞치마를 착용하고 그녀의 생식기 위에 판지를 두라고 조언했다고 말했습니다..

Solving the teacher retention crisis: Give teachers the respect they deserve

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예, low pay and overwork were the two most significant pressures pushing them to leave at that point. Most other states are experiencing the same challenges in retaining teachers. We’ve known that even before the ch...

North Carolina teacher resigns after reports of transgender pregnant man picture shown to preschoolers

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The Progress Pride Flag Rainbow Families teaches colors to kids through the lens of LGBTQ+ lesbian and gay couples and their children "of diverse races, 나이, sexualities, genders, and abilities," according to a prod...

우발데, 텍사스 학교 총격 사건: Off-duty CBP agent saves students, daughter after ‘helptext from teacher wife

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"도움," 그녀가 적었다, "사랑해." Jacob Albarado was getting a haircut at the time. He borrowed a shotgun from his barber, who came with him, and headed to where his wife and his second-grade daughter were hiding in ...

처치한 우발데, 텍사스, 학교 교사 Eva Mireles는 '너무나 많은 빛과 사랑을 발산한 것으로 기억됩니다.’

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4학년 교사 Eva Mireles "그녀가 한 모든 일에 사랑을 담아 – 그녀의 딸과 함께, 그녀의 가족과 함께, 학교와 함께 – 그리고 나는 항상 그녀를 기억할 것입니다, 솔직히, 그녀가 한 일에 대한 영웅으로서," 앰버 이바라 톨...

우발데, 텍사스 학교 총격 사건: 14 재학생, 한 교사 살해, 용의자 사망, 정부. 애보트는 말한다

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Abbott는 용의자를 Salvador Ramas로 식별했습니다., 우발데 거주자, 누구도 죽었어. 텍사스 공안부와 우발데 시장 Don McLaughlin은 Fox News에 총격범이 Robb 초등학교로 달려갔다고 말했습니다. ...

Fairfax 카운티 교사는 학업 기준을 낮추는 것을 한탄합니다.: '이것이 관례가 되었다.’

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사회 과목 교사 Eric Wolf Welch, 매튜스가 불렀던 "뛰어난 교육자," 칼럼니스트를 열정적으로 보냈다, 4,764-최근 보고된 채점 용이화에 대한 이메일 - 부분적으로 촉발된 푸시 ...

연방 법원, Kansas 교사는 트랜스젠더 학생에 대한 종교적 신념에 따라 말할 수 있습니다.

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포트 라일리, 캔자스 중학교 교사 파멜라 리카드(Pamela Ricard)는 지난해 징계를 받고 정학 처분을 받았다. "학생의 생물학적 성별과 일치하지 않는 이름을 사용하는 것을 거부합니다." 텍사스 디...

Florida teacher says she was fired after discussing pansexual identity with middle school students

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"I'm really ashamed … because I feel like it was all my fault. And I was just being myself," Casey Scott, a former middle school teacher at Trafalgar Middle School which is located in the Lee County School District, ...

LA교원노조, 교사감사주간을 활용해 '임금 인상 요구'’ 그리고 학자금 대출 탕감

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교원노조는 팬데믹 기간 동안 여러 요구 사항을 제시했습니다., 경찰 자금을 교육으로 전환할 것을 요구하는 것을 포함하여 2020. United Teachers Los Angeles의 대표는 다음과 같이 말했습니다. 2021 있었다 "아니...

7학년 학생들에게 면화로 씨앗 따게 했다는 학부모 주장에 뉴욕 교사 휴직

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로체스터, 뉴욕, 선생님은 휴가를 냈다, Rochester City 교육구 교육 위원회의 성명서에 따르면, 부모님이 학생들에게 목화에서 씨앗을 따게 했다고 주장한 후...

Rhode Island teacher told ‘all 5classes how Musk’s Twitter buyout is worst thing ever

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"Of course I explained to my students in all five of my classes today why Elon Musk buying off Twitter is the worse [sic] thing that could have happened," Enrique Sanchez tweeted Monday afternoon. "No individual and ...

Maryland teacher wins $50,000 after husband buys lottery ticket to cheer her up

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Spouses hoping to do their partner a favor might have a hard time competing with Robyn Meija's husband. The Maryland teacher won $ 50,000 after her husband bought her a lottery ticket hoping to lift her spirits, ㅏ...

This Texas teacher is helping make her studentsmenstrual cycles a little easier

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This Texas teacher's goal is to provide everything she can for her students -- and that includes pads and tampons. As an eighth grade teacher in Austin, Kylie DeFrance's students are between the ages of 12 과 14. 티...

Indonesian teacher sentenced to death for raping 13 재학생, impregnating 8 of his victims

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Herry Wirawan, 36, sexually groomed 13 girls between the ages of 12 과 16 years old over a period of five years. A judge said Herry impregnated eight of his victims, 로이터보고. CHINA SENDS HEALTH WORKERS, MI...

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