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Sixers player tests positive for Covid-19, forcing team to stay in New York overnight

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A player on the Philadelphia 76ers has tested positive for Covid-19, forcing the team to remain in New York City after playing the Brooklyn Nets on Thursday night, a team source told CNN. The source said the team wi...

Olympic gold: Colleges, Team USA search for new ways to win

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The coronavirus pandemic, along with the substantial changes in the college-sports business model that will come into play as soon as this year, have led many leaders in both the college and Olympic worlds to wonder ...

McNeil, Lindor team up as Mets beat Diamondbacks 4-2

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The pair attempted to dismiss Friday’s dustup by bizarrely claiming they were arguing over an animal spotted in the clubhouse tunnel — Lindor said it was a rat, McNeil’s story was that it was a raccoon or possum. CLI ...

La alcaldesa de Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, critica al equipo de fútbol americano Bears por rumores de reubicación

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Lightfoot, un autodeclarado "largo tiempo" ventilador, emitió un comunicado en el que criticaba el anuncio como "ruido." JAY CUTLER SIENTE POSIBLES EFECTOS NEUROLÓGICOS DE JUGAR AL FÚTBOL: "CTE ES ING EN ALGÚN PUNTO" "El oso...

Though her suspension ends before relay event, Sha’Carri Richardson left off US Olympic track team

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US star sprinter Sha'Carri Richardson was left off the roster for the US track and field team that will compete at the Olympics in Tokyo, according to the team list released Tuesday by USA Track & Field. Richar...

Crabb out (COVID-19), Bourne in for US beach volleyball team

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Crabb confirmed his withdrawal on Thursday in a statement to The Associated Press, noting that he was vaccinated and tested negative before he left the United States but tested positive when he arrived in Japan. "I’m...

Marcus Stroman recalls playing for Team USA: ‘It’s always an honor to represent your country

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The New York Mets' Marcus Stroman pitched for Team USA when the Americans defeated Puerto Rico, 8-0, en el 2017 World Baseball Classic finals. It was Team USA’s first World Baseball Classic championship. The right-h...

El obispo Sycamore consiguió un puesto contra el mejor equipo de fútbol de la escuela secundaria a través de una agencia de marketing

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El obispo Sycamore fue claramente superado el sábado cuando perdió ante IMG Academy, uno de los mejores equipos de fútbol americano de secundaria de la nación. 58-0. IMG Academy cuenta con varios prospectos top-300, incluidos los jugadores que son r ...

Tiger Woods’ text to US Ryder Cup team inspired big first day, players say

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While Tiger Woods did not make the trip to Whistling Straits, the legendary golfer texted U.S. members of the team and some players said it helped inspire them during their matches. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA VER MÁS COBERTURA DEPORTIVA..

vaqueros’ Damontae Kazee arrested on DWI charge near team facility, la policía dice

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Kazee, 28, was charged with a DWI class B misdemeanor after an officer with The Colony Police Department noticed the football player was exhibiting signs that he had been drinking while conducting a routine traffic s...

‘Job done’: Belgium hammers Armenia 19-0 in Women’s World Cup qualifying to set team record

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Belgium obliterated Armenia 19-0 on Thursday night in their Women's World Cup qualifying clash. Captain Tessa Wullaert scored five times, while Amber Tysiak and Tine De Caigny both netted hat-tricks. Janice Cayman...

Biden unveils senior leadership team charged with planning inauguration

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President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on Monday announced the senior leadership of the committee charged with planning and executing what will be an unprecedented presidential inauguration...

Trump impeachment defense team scrambling to make new videos to bolster case

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President Donald Trump's legal team is scrambling to collect and produce more videos to bolster their impeachment trial arguments after a rambling debut performance that enraged the former president and dismayed Rep...

Officers resign from team that polices protests: ‘Tired of being managed by politics

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Police Officer Union President Shaun Willoughby also noted on "zorro & Amigos" that officers don't feel supported and "don't trust their leaders." He stressed that Albuquerque officers are "tired of being managed ...

Tim Tebow package speculation with Jaguars harshly panned: ‘Ton of people on every team more qualified

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NFL insider Chris Simms shot down the idea that Tebow would be a viable player used in those types of situations. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA OBTENER MÁS COBERTURA DEPORTIVA . "Can’t believe this is still a topic. The only reason you use ...

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