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NBA, Utah Jazz investigating team executive over alleged racially insensitive comments

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The Utah Jazz are investigating a team executive for alleged racially insensitive comments made in 2015. Di mercoledì, former Jazz player Elijah Millsap wrote on Twitter that Dennis Lindsey, the team's executive v...

WNBA team Atlanta Dream sold to new ownersincluding a former player

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The Atlanta Dream, the WNBA team previously co-owned by former US Sen. Kelly Loeffler, has been sold. The sale of the team to Larry Gottesdiener, chairman of the national real estate firm Northland, was unanimously ...

Biden team finds promises hard to makelet alone keep

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Speaking on television last week, Dott. Anthony Fauci predicted April would be "open season" for receiving the coronavirus vaccine, welcome news for a nation entering its second year under pandemic-forced lockdowns an...

Manhattan district attorney bolsters team investigating possible fraud claims by Trump and his company

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The Manhattan District Attorney's Office has added a prominent former prosecutor to bolster its team investigating possible fraud claims by former President Donald Trump and his company. Mark Pomerantz, a former fed...

‘Young Rockand ‘Kenangive NBC a just-so-so comedy tag team

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NBC puts together a high-profile tag team in "Young Rock" e "Kenan," comedies featuring Dwayne Johnson and Kenan Thompson. While the former feels a tad overinflated in its biographical dive into the star's early l...

Of course Donald Trump’s team didn’t tell the truth about his Covid-19 illness

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Donald Trump was far sicker with Covid-19 than the White House physician or his top aides let on, even to the point where there were concerns that the then-President would have to be put on a ventilator to deal with...

Il team di difesa per l'impeachment di Trump si affretta a realizzare nuovi video per sostenere il caso

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Il team legale del presidente Donald Trump sta cercando di raccogliere e produrre più video per sostenere le loro argomentazioni sul processo di impeachment dopo un'esibizione di debutto sconclusionata che ha fatto infuriare l'ex presidente e sgomento Rep ...

Il team di Biden afferma di vedere i primi segni di miglioramento nella lotta contro la pandemia, ma è una "sfida scoraggiante’

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Completamente sistemato nelle profondità della crisi del coronavirus, l'amministrazione Biden afferma di vedere i primi segni di miglioramento -- anche se i funzionari dicono che sono lontani dal festeggiare. Il presidente Joe Biden ha iniziato..

Two former Iranian national team footballers die from Covid-19 within a week of each other after appearing on a TV special aired online

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Iran is mourning the death of two former national team football players who died from Covid-19 within a week of each other in Tehran. Mehrdad Minavand, 45, and Ali Ansarian, 43, played professionally in Iran's Pro L...

MTV postpones its Africa Music Awards as Bobi Wine’s team releases report documenting alleged abuses

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After an online campaign urging MTV Base to cancel its annual MTV Africa Music Awards over allegations of human rights abuses by the Ugandan government, the TV channel postponed the awards Thursday, which was due to...

WHO team heads to China bat lab at the center of coronavirus conspiracies

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Hong Kong A team of World Health Organization investigators in Wuhan are visiting a laboratory Wednesday that has been the focus of conspiracies and speculation about the origin of the coronavirus pandemic. The WHO ...

L'assoluta stranezza dell'annuncio del nuovo team legale del processo di impeachment di Donald Trump

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Meno di 24 ore dopo che la CNN ha dato la notizia che il team legale di Donald Trump si è dimesso solo una settimana prima dell'inizio del suo secondo processo di impeachment, l'ex presidente ha diffuso un comunicato stampa annunciando il suo nuovo, nuova squadra ...

Trump loses his impeachment team amid unfaltering loyalty from the GOP

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Former President Donald Trump's lies and his insistence that the November election was rigged against him may have turned out to be a bridge too far for the attorneys who were slated to defend him in his upcoming Se...

WNBA team Atlanta Dream, co-owned by Kelly Loeffler, is close to being sold, league says

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The sale of the WNBA's Atlanta Dream -- co-owned by outgoing US Sen. Kelly Loeffler -- is close to being finalized, a league spokesperson told CNN on Tuesday. The news of the sale was first reported by The Atlanta ...

Oscar Mayer hiring team to drive its Wienermobile across the US

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Francamente, this could very well be someone's dream job. Kraft Heinz is looking to hire a new team of Hotdoggers (sì, that's what the job posting says) to drive its famous hot dog-shaped Wienermobile across the countr...

Ex-Obama official who helped fix botched rollout to join Biden’s Covid-19 team

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Andy Slavitt, the former acting chief of Medicare and Medicaid under the Obama administration, is expected to join President-elect Joe Biden's Covid-19 team in a senior advisory role, La CNN ha imparato. Slavitt's ro...