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Federale gevangene tereggestel weens moord op tiener in Texas 1994

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'N Federale gevangene is tereggestel weens ontvoering, 'n Tiener in Texas in lewende lande verkrag en begrawe 1994. Orlando Hall is Donderdagaand in Terre Haute tereggestel, Indiana, nadat die Hooggeregshof 'n versoek om st..

Hawaii’s Ki’ilani Arruda crowned Miss Teen USA 2020

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Ki'ilani Arruda of Kauai, Hawaii, was crowned Miss Teen USA on Saturday, becoming the second Hawaiian to win the annual competition. The competition -- originally scheduled for the spring but postponed because of th...

GBI ondersoek polisie skietery wat Georgia tiener dood gelaat het

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'N Polisiebeampte is op betaalde administratiewe verlof geplaas, aangesien die Georgia Bureau of Investigation die skietery van 'n 19-jarige man in 'n klein stad in Suid-Georgia ondersoek., volgens inligting van GBI en die ...

Georgia teen apologizes for plot to kill black churchgoers and is sentenced to time in juvenile detention

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A 17-year-old Georgia girl accused of plotting to attack a predominantly Black church in 2019, apologized in court on Thursday before being sentenced to four years in a juvenile facility and probation. The teen was ...

‘Gemaskerde sanger’ onthul voormalige tiener-hartebreker agter Giraffe

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"Die Gemaskerde Sanger" het sy derde bekende hierdie seisoen ontmasker. Brian Austin Green is op Woensdagaand se episode agter Giraffe aan die lig gebring, nadat hy opgetree het "Gaan daarop neer," deur Kool and the Gang. TH ...

'Die wandelende dooies: World Beyondstumbles into the world of teen troubles

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With the end of "Die wandelende dooies" now officially on the horizon, efforts to wring additional life out of the franchise have taken on greater significance -- and for AMC, urgency. Tog "Die wandelende dooies: World Beyond...

A pandemic upended their communities, so these teen inventors built apps to make life easier

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Riya Shah walked into her high school without knowing it would be her last day in person. It was March when the uncertainty of a pandemic flooded her life in Louisville, Kentucky. Classes transitioned to virtual le...

FDA issues Benadryl warning as it investigates reports of teen injuries and deaths linked to TikTok challenge

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The US Food and Drug Administration issued a warning Thursday over "serious problems with high doses" of the common over-the-counter allergy medication Benadryl. Too much diphenhydramine (Benadryl), can lead to seve...

A Connecticut teen saves the lives of a mom and three children by pulling them from a burning car

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A Connecticut teenager was walking down the street when he saw something that made his heart sink. A small SUV covered in flames drove past him -- he could see a little girl out the car window. The Waterbury Police ...

A Louisiana police officer is on leave and two others were pulled from duty after teen was arrested at bowling alley

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A Louisiana police officer has been placed on administrative leave and two others were pulled from duty after social media video surfaced of an arrest of a teenager over the weekend, according to the press release f...

New Jersey teen makes portraits of Covid-19 victims

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Fifteen-year-old Hannah Ernst lost her grandfather, Calvin Schoenfeld, op Mei 8 to the coronavirus pandemic. Nou, she is on a journey to draw victims of the virus from all around the world. In Mei, the US death tol...

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