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Harvey Weinstein fighting extradition to Los Angeles; lawyer says he’s almost blind and missing teeth

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In a virtual hearing on Monday, the convicted sex offender, 69, appeared before Erie County Court Judge Kenneth Case and his lawyer, Norman Effman, cited Weinstein's increasing health issues as one reason why he can'...

Woman loses front teeth after drinking mimosas in viral video

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A woman is reportedly smiling once again after accidentally knocking out her front teeth after one too many mimosas, assuring concerned commenters that she’s okay after footage of the fail went viral. Recording a rec...

‘The Serpentsinks its teeth in with a true-crime tale set in the 1970s

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Even taking acknowledged creative liberties, the true story at the core of "The Serpent" sinks its teeth into you, chronicling a murder spree by a slick con man, and the unlikely diplomat whose determined efforts he...

La storia dell'evoluzione umana ottiene un'altra riscrittura con l'analisi del DNA dei denti cinesi

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Gli esperti hanno salutato la scoperta in 2015 come "sbalorditivo" -- 47 i denti trovati in una grotta nel sud della Cina risalgono al 80,0000 per 120,000 anni fa, sfidare idee ampiamente accettate sull'evoluzione umana. Ha suggerito che ...

Prehistoric teeth hint at Stone Age sex with Neanderthals

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Early modern humans and Neanderthals lived in Europe and parts of Asia at the same time -- overlapping for several thousands of years before our archaic relatives disappeared around 40,000 anni fa. During this ti...

Burial ground reveals Stone Age people wore clothing covered in elk teeth

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Elk teeth pendants may have been the jewelry of choice for at least one Stone Age group that lived 8,200 anni fa. A Stone Age burial ground on a small Russian island revealed more than 4,300 Eurasian elk teeth pe...

Teeth reveal details about a Neanderthal who fell down a well

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Altamura Man is one of the most complete and best preserved Neanderthal skeletons ever discovered. His fossilized bones, tuttavia, have remained hidden from view at the bottom of a sinkhole near Altamura, a town in s...

Dentists are seeing more cracked teeth. Pandemic stress is to blame

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Shingles, maskne, migraines and quarantine fatigue: The stress of the pandemic has manifested in a variety of physical ailments. The latest evidence of this is a rise in cracked teeth. "We have seen an increasing a...