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DOJ reaches ‘historicsettlement against a landlord accused of sexually harassing tenants

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A New Jersey landlord has agreed to pay $ 4.5 million in damages to resolve a lawsuit alleging he demanded sexual favors from tenants and applicants so they could keep or receive housing, the Justice Department ann...

Landlord out $24,000 in rent due to eviction moratorium, says tenants buying boats

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Buddy Shoup, who owns 35 properties across the state, said that he has been forced to maintain the properties and hemorrhage costs while the federal government slowly dribbles out rental assistance, of which only 7% ...

‘Kushner Villagetenants sue to block paying rent until fire system concerns are met

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Washington A group of tenants filed a lawsuit Tuesday accusing Kushner Companies of illegally collecting rent and creating dangerous living conditions by failing to maintain working fire sprinkler systems in four New...