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11 people were injured in a restaurant deck collapse in Tennessee

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Eleven people were taken to the hospital after a restaurant deck collapsed on Saturday afternoon, the Hamilton County, Tennesse, Office of Emergency Management said in a news release. Authorities responded to a 91...

2 employees shot at Smile Direct Club in Antioch, Tennesse, gunman shot by police

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Two employees were injured during an early morning workplace shooting Tuesday at a Smile Direct Club on Antioch Pike in Antioch, Tennesse. According to the Nashville Metro Police Department, police were called ar...

A 1979 El asesinato en caso frío fue un asesinato por contrato con vínculos con la oficina del gobernador de Tennessee, DA dice

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Las autoridades de Tennessee dicen que han resuelto el asesinato de 42 años de un empresario de Chattanooga, llamando al caso frío un "asesinato por contrato" con vínculos con el exgobernador de Tennessee. Administración de Ray Blanton. Samuel Pett ...

A mom and her baby had to be rescued by kayak as flood waters overtook their Tennessee home

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As the floodwater rapidly rose in her Waverly, Tennesse, hogar, Vanessa Yates climbed on the kitchen counters with her 4-month-old daughter in her arms and called for help. "I just felt like I was going to drown," s...

A musician with a Latin country-rock band says he and a friend were beaten at a Tennessee bar for speaking Spanish

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A musician for a Latin country-rock band said that he and his friend were assaulted at a bar in Tennessee over the weekend after speaking Spanish. Lorenzo Molina, a trumpet player for The Mavericks, said through an...

Un proyecto de ley de Tennessee recientemente propuesto otorgaría inmunidad a los conductores que golpeen involuntariamente a los manifestantes que bloquean las calles.

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Un proyecto de ley recientemente propuesto en Tennessee haría aún más difícil protestar en el estado -- al hacer que la obstrucción de una carretera sea un delito grave y al otorgar inmunidad a los conductores que hieren o matan involuntariamente a los que se encuentran en el ....

A rider was ejected from a Gatlinburg, Tennesse, roller coaster and flung onto the tracks

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A rider suffered head, wrist and ankle injuries on Monday after being ejected from a roller coaster in Gatlinburg, Tennesse. The person, quien no ha sido identificado, was flung about 10 feet out of the cart and land...

A statue honoring the US Colored Troops was unveiled across the street from a Confederate monument in Tennessee

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When numerous cities across America fought to remove Confederate monuments, a city in Tennessee chose to refocus attention on the contributions of Black people in the Civil War. After years of planning, the city of...

A Tennessee jury orders Cracker Barrel to pay man $9.4 million after he was served glass filled with a chemical

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A jury in Marion County, Tennesse, ordered Cracker Barrel to pay a man $ 9.4 million after it found the company at fault for serving him a glass filled with a chemical instead of water. The size of the award may b...

A Tennessee law firm is offering a free divorce for Valentine’s Day

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For happy couples, Valentine's Day is an excuse for romance, often celebrated with extravagant dinners and thoughtful gifts. But on February 14, unhappy couples remember all the reasons they can't stand each other. ...

A Tennessee law requiring some businesses to post transgender bathroom notices has been blocked by a federal judge

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A federal judge has blocked a law in Tennessee that would require some businesses to post signs outside their doors if they allow transgender or nonbinary customers to use the bathroom that corresponds with their ge...

A Tennessee school board removed the graphic novel ‘Maus,’ about the Holocaust, from curriculum due to language and nudity concerns

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"Maus," the Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel about the experiences of Holocaust survivors, has been removed from an eighth-grade English language arts curriculum by a Tennessee school board over concerns about "...

Un ayudante del alguacil de Tennessee supuestamente agredió a la policía en enero 6. Ahora está tras las rejas y fuera de la fuerza

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Washington Un hombre de Tennessee que fue alguacil adjunto en enero 6 y usó su chaleco de alguacil en el Capitolio de los EE. UU. ahora está tras las rejas después de ser acusado en uno de los asaltos policiales más notorios de la insurrección..

Adopted son arrested in 2010 cold case murder of parents in Tennessee

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William Roger Campbell, 63, was indicted by a grand jury on two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of William and Ina Campbell, 82 y 81, respectivamente, and arrested at his home in Lowndes County, Georgia, I...

Aicha Coulibaly, Auburn women close strong to stun No. 4 Tennesse

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Coulibaly had 26 points and Auburn scored 11 straight late in a 71-61 upset of No. 4 Tennesse, ending the Lady Vols' nine-game winning streak Thursday night. It was Auburn's third game in five days. "We’ve been...

Anti-maskers hurl abuse, threats after Tennessee school board reinstates mandate

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The chaos erupted Tuesday night in Franklin, just south of Nashville, where the Williamson County Board of Education approved the mask requirement for elementary schools as protesters gathered outside, according to N...

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