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China’s Xi warns against ‘unilateralismas tensions with US, neighbors rise

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Xi’s speech at an economic forum comes amid rising tension with China’s neighbors and Washington over its strategic ambitions and demands for a bigger role in making trade and other rules. Without mentioning the Uni...

Japan and China agree to set up defense hotline amid territorial tensions

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Hong Kong The defense ministers of Japan and China on Monday agreed to set up a joint communication hotline by the end of 2022, a news release from Japan's Defense Ministry said, amid tensions between the East Asian ...

Lara Logan: South Africa’s unrest ‘eerily similarto racial tensions in US

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Su "L'angolo di Ingraham", host Laura Ingraham played clips of destructive rioting, looting and general unrest in places like Pietermaritzburg, KZN, as political factions clash. The unrest stems from the incarceration ...

Le agenzie per la sicurezza interna si preparano ai disordini civili in mezzo alle crescenti tensioni nazionali

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Due delle agenzie preposte all'applicazione dell'immigrazione del Dipartimento per la sicurezza interna si stanno preparando per la possibilità di ulteriori disordini civili durante un'elezione controversa, secondo i funzionari, parte di uno sforzo concertato di ...

Marjorie Taylor Greene affronta Liz Cheney e Jamie Raskin mentre le tensioni aumentano durante il voto di disprezzo

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Dramma sul piano casa sviluppato quando Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene ha affrontato Reps. Jamie Raskin e Liz Cheney mentre la Camera stava votando sulla risoluzione per disprezzo criminale contro Steve Bannon. La conversazione con...

Kentucky AG torches Biden, Dems for polarizing nation, exploding ‘tensions’ of racial injustice

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"What I believe is that this country has always tried from the very beginning to become a more perfect union," Egli ha detto. "But when you hear comments like you heard from President Biden and others that throw fuel on th...

US Air Force to send dozens of F-22 fighter jets to the Pacific amid tensions with China

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Hong Kong The United States Air Force is sending more than two dozen F-22 stealth fighters to an exercise in the western Pacific this month, an unusually large deployment of the powerful jets that analysts say sends ...

Muslim advocacy group advises American Muslims against traveling to France amid tensions

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The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has issued an advisory warning American Muslims against traveling to France as tensions rise following recent terrorist attacks. "American Muslims, especially America...

Blues, Avalanche tensions boil over; Jordan Binnington swings stick at Nazem Kadri

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In the first minute of the game, Blues defenseman Justin Faulk and Avalanche center Nazem Kadri dropped the gloves and started to go at each other. Faulk appeared to be looking for payback following Kadri’s dangerous...

Il G7 avverte la Cina di non "intensificare le tensioni’ con Taiwan in mezzo alle minacce militari

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Ministri degli Esteri di Hong Kong del Gruppo dei Sette (G7) le nazioni hanno chiesto un maggiore impegno con Taiwan, e ha avvertito la Cina di non intensificare le tensioni attraverso lo stretto a seguito di un picco nelle manovre militari intorno a t ...

Kamala Harris per un viaggio in Vietnam, Singapore il mese prossimo tra le tensioni in Cina, Crisi del confine USA

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Anziché, Harris il mese prossimo viaggerà attraverso il Pacifico, in Vietnam e Singapore, in mezzo agli Stati Uniti. tensioni con la Cina. Il suo obiettivo è "rafforzare le relazioni ed espandere il sostegno economico," portavoce principale Symone Sand...

La campagna di Trump traccia un percorso incerto mentre le tensioni aumentano

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Lunedì il team della campagna elettorale del presidente Donald Trump si è rannicchiato nel quartier generale della Virginia per discutere i loro sforzi in corso per contestare i risultati delle elezioni, ma la tensione rimane alta mentre lo staff deve affrontare un futuro incerto..

Kamala Harris bombs in ABC interview on White House tensions, and that’s hard to do: Jesse Watters

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During the ABC interview, Harris appeared to chuckle when asked whether she felt "misused or under-used" in the Biden adminsitration. WASHINGTON, DC - SETTEMBRE 22: NOI. Vice President Kamala Harris speaks...

Riots erupt in parts of Israel as tensions flare

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It was some of the most unsettling, if not the worst, unrest since the early 2000s, according to journalist Amotz Eyal, who likened the atmosphere in the mixed Arab and Israeli city of Lod to a warzone. Mayor Yair Re...

Tensions over a Colorado district’s mask mandate is leading to an increased police presence at schools

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Parents and students in a Colorado school district will see more law enforcement officers as tensions flare amid a new mask mandate. The Eagle County Sheriff's Office said in a news release Sunday that more officers...

US officials concerned about movements of Iranian-backed militias amid heightened tensions

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Iranian-backed militias in Iraq have moved to a "heightened level of preparation" in recent days, raising fresh concerns they could be preparing to attack US troops or US diplomatic sites in Iraq, according to defen...