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Haiti quake: Tensions grow over aid as deaths pass 2K

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At the small airport in the southwestern community of Les Cayes, throngs of people gathered outside the fence on Wednesday when an aid flight arrived and crews began loading boxes into waiting trucks. One of a small ...

Bitcoin plunges below $37,000 as tensions between Russia and Ukraine climb

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Nuova Delhi (CNN Business)Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies have been feeling the heat this week as tensions between Russia and Ukraine escalate and investors shun riskier assets. Martedì, bitcoin was tradin...

I manifestanti feriscono la polizia e danno fuoco ai veicoli nella città inglese, mentre le tensioni sul nuovo disegno di legge sul crimine ribollono

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I funzionari di Londra hanno condannato le scene di violenza durante una protesta a Bristol, L'Inghilterra che ha lasciato feriti e veicoli di polizia, mentre le tensioni aumentano tra le forze dell'ordine e gli attivisti per un controverso crimine..

Suspected car-ramming attack by Palestinian teen highlights rising tensions, amid questions over Israeli police actions

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Jerusalem A 15-year old Palestinian boy suspected of deliberately ramming his car into an Israeli army checkpoint, injuring a security guard, has been shot dead, according to Israel's Defense Ministry. The security g...

Anti-Semitic attacks are being reported in US cities as tensions flare over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

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Several Jewish people have been attacked in cities across the United States this week. Authorities are investigating assaults in New York and Los Angeles as tensions flare over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict amid ...

Six US fighter jets arrive in Estonia amid Ukraine tensions

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The F-15E fighters belong to the 48th Fighter Wing of the U.S. Air Force and arrived to Estonia from their permanent home base in United Kingdom Lakenheath Air Force Base. EU said the fighters would remain in the reg...

Biden speaks with Chinese President Xi Jinping amid tensions in recent months

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President Joe Biden spoke with China's President Xi Jinping on Thursday evening as relations between the two countries have remained tense in recent months, particularly in cyberspace, with the US having accused Chi...

Russia-Ukraine tensions: How families and kids can keep calm and carry on

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What are concerned parents and grandparents to do as they aim to keep their homes and their households — including their children's and grandchildren's lives — running as smoothly as possible during stressful times? ...

Top US national security officials call counterparts as Russia and Ukraine tensions rise

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Top US national security officials have spoken with their Ukrainian counterparts, and America's top general held a call Wednesday with his Russian opposite number amid concern over Russian military activity in Crime...

'Relazione speciale’ All-Star Panel on Russia-Ukraine tensions

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BAIER: President Biden with a two-hour virtual discussion, meeting with the Russian leader Vladimir Putin over the digital communication. The White House says the message was sent that the U.S. is not going to put up...

Le celebrità si esprimono contro l'antisemitismo mentre le tensioni continuano a salire in Medio Oriente

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Uno di questi crimini è stato un recente attacco a un ristorante di sushi a Los Angeles all'inizio di questa settimana. I manifestanti filo-palestinesi sono saltati fuori dai loro veicoli passando davanti al ristorante Beverly Grove e presumibilmente hanno iniziato a singhiozzare ...

vittime come ha esortato il presidente russo Vladimir Put ..

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(CNN Business)La Stazione Spaziale Internazionale ha trasceso i problemi politici terrestri tra gli Stati Uniti e la Russia per più di due decenni. Ma alcuni ex astronauti della NASA che hanno passato mesi a galleggiare ...

DHS upheaval comes as policy tensions bubble over

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Infighting within the Biden administration over the onslaught of challenges facing officials has, a volte, stalled decision making on key issues, frustrating officials, sources tell CNN. Questa settimana, two senior DHS ...

Marco Rubio: China is watching the US response to Russia-Ukraine tensions

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SUO. MARCO RUBIO: Bene, I don't think that with NATO there and the U.S. Là, that he's going to move on these Baltic states, which is probably the most vulnerable. I think that's probably too much to chew off at th...

Northern Ireland sees three nights of violence as tensions mount

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Violent clashes in Northern Ireland erupted over the weekend amid increasing tensions in a region historically plagued with sectarian violence. Sunday marked a third night of disorder in the cities of Belfast and D...

Russia continues to amass new troops near Ukraine’s border despite Biden urging Putin to de-escalate tensions

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Russia has continued to amass new troops near Ukraine's border in recent days, despite President Joe Biden urging Russian President Vladimir Putin to de-escalate tensions during a virtual meeting last week. More Ru...