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Alec Baldwin’s ABC interview ‘a preemptive strike’: Leo Terrell

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"No one should believe that he gave that interview without being consulted by his lawyers," Terrell gesê. "No one should believe that that wasn't rehearsed. I want to see the raw footage if this interview was being d...

Ahmaud Arbery alleged shooter made ‘tactical mistakein testifying, ‘impeached himselfbefore jury: Terrell

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"The prosecution did an excellent job. This was a mistake for this man to take the witness stand," Terrell told host Martha MacCallum. AHMAUD ARBERY TRIAL: TRAVIS MCMICHAEL TAKES STAND FOR CROSS-EXAMINATION McMichae...

Leo Terrell: Elections put Democrats on noticehear us or fear us in 2022

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Die afgelope jaar, extreme Democratic progressives like Rep. Ilhan Omar have played the blame game—from police, to former President Donald Trump, to just "being white"—as the reason for problems in states like in Rep...

Leo Terrell blasts ‘disingenuousNBA stars: Enes Kanter is a ‘true human rights activist

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ENES KANTER’S CHINA OPPOSITION COULD CREATE ANOTHER MESS FOR NBA ENES KANTER: I applaud Enes Kanter because he’s going to take a financial hit. He is a true human rights activist. Step aside Colin Kaepernick, step as...

Leo Terrell: As McAuliffe verloor Virginia verkiesing, Demokrate is in die moeilikheid in die middeltermyn

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MCCARTHY VOORSPEL MEER HUIS DEMOKRATIESE AFTREDE AAN E VOORUIT 2022 MIDSTERME LEO TERRELL: Wel, ek sal jou dadelik vertel, kyk Biden wen Virginia deur 10 punte. McAuliffe is in 'n hondegeveg. Ook, daar is Black Repub...

Leo Terrell juig Morgan Freeman se opposisie toe om die polisiebeweging te ontwyk

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MORGAN VREEMAN VERWEER ONTKENNING VAN DIE POLISIE: 'DIE MEESTE VAN HULLE' DOEN 'HULLE WERK' LEO TERRELL: Wel, jy weet, Ek hoop dat hy baie werksekerheid en finansiële stabiliteit het omdat hy deur Cori Bu aangeval sal word..

Leo Terrell: Shaquille O’Neal sent a ‘coded messageto the celebrity left

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SHAQ REJECTS CELEBRITY STATUS: 'THESE PEOPLE ARE OUT OF THEIR FREAKING MIND' LEO TERRELL: He’s always going to be a celebrity but what he’s doing is he’s sending a coded message to the celebrity left. He doesn’t want...

Leo Terrell sounds off on Lori Lightfoot’s plan to now refund Chicago police

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CHICAGO MAYOR LIGHTFOOT’S $ 16 BILLION BUDGET PROPOSAL INCLUDES MORE SPENDING ON POLICE AMID GUN VIOLENCE SPIKE LEO TERRELL: This is a political stunt. As you said, she’s running for re-election. She cut the budget ...

Terrell Owens still wants to ‘knock the Chunky Soupout of Donovan McNabb

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Terrell Owens, appearing on Shannon Sharpe’s "Club Shay Shay" podcast, said that if he were to enter the celebrity boxing realm he would love to take on – and take out – his former Eagles quarterback, Donovan McNabb....

Leo Terrell: Democrats are afraid of Larry Elder because he doesn’t fit their narrative

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ELDER URGES SUPPORTERS TO REPORT ‘ANYTHING SUSPICIOUS’ IN CALIFORNIA RECALL ELECTION LEO TERRELL: The Republicans and the ‘YES’ [kiesers] on recall, they want Kamala Harris here, because she’s a reminder of the disast...

Leo Terrell blasts ‘political witch huntby Biden admin against states opposing school mask mandates

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BIDEN EDUCATION DEPARTMENT OPENS CIVIL RIGHTS INVESTIGATIONS INTO 5 STATES FOR BANNING SCHOOL MASK MANDATES LEO TERRELL: I couldn't sleep last night. I wanted to talk about this because of the just outrageous accusat...

Leo Terrell skrik vir Kamala Harris wat Amerikaners aangesê het om Kersgeskenke te begin koop

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LEO TERRELL: Dit maak my bang, want dit klink na stilstand, dit klink asof ons gaan verwag dat die ekonomie basies weer gesluit gaan word. En dit is skrikwekkend. Weereens, die Demokrate het gebruik ...

Leo Terrell: Biden se beleid misluk in 'elke uithoek van die wêreld’

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Terrell, gasheer "Hannity" op Vrydag, het gesê die Delaware-demokraat se linkse agenda misluk "elke uithoek van die wêreld." "Sy pligsversuim is so onmiskenbaar soos altyd: Van die ramp op die suidelike borde ...

Leo Terrell blasts Cuomo after governor’s resignation: ‘Appalling to try to justify deviant behavior

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"I want to make one other point that I’ve done civil rights law and sexual harassment cases. I find it appalling for Cuomo to try to justify his deviant behavior based on his cultural heritage, based on ‘that’s the w...

Leo Terrell slams Oregon governor’s ‘insultingeducation policy: Progressive left is ‘dumbing down kids

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OREGON GOVERNOR SIGNS BILL SUSPENDING MATH, READING REQUIREMENTS FOR HIGH SCHOOL GRADS LEO TERRELL: Education is the key to break the poverty cycle. And she's embarrassed about this and keeping it quiet because it in...

Terrell: Missouri Rep. Bush using private security, calling for defunding cops is ‘gaslighting Black people

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Bush, who also represents Maryland Heights and Ferguson, claimed in an interview that her constituents will understand her situation because she is working to "red 11 million people from being evicted, or could poss...

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