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Ingraham: Democrats are terrified of saying no to the ‘Squad

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"This week Joe Biden and his party erased all doubt as to whether they actually respect our Constitution, the Supreme Court’s authority, and the principle of separation of powers. Bene, the short answer, they couldn’...

Illinois teacher fired over anti-riot comments says colleagues ‘terrifiedfor free speech

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While on vacation in the U.S. Southeast over Memorial Day 2020, Jeanne Hedgepeth publicly lamented news coverage of the rioting and criminal behavior in downtown Chicago as stores were looted and property vandalized ...

Greg Gutfeld: I media creano uno stufato di virtù per placare gli inserzionisti terrorizzati

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Tiro fuori quella vecchia rivista, perché (come Hunter Biden) ora sta provando duramente a cambiare. Per il loro 2021 edizione costume da bagno, ne hanno tre "stelle" sulla copertina -- un professionista del tennis, Naomi Osaka; un rapper Megan Thee Sta...

Greg Gutfeld: Every banned phrase and terrified administrator is a feather in the cap of the mindless woke

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Take Brandeis University, whose students and faculty are being instructed, not in expanding one's vocabulary, but shrinking it... Based on links to oppression. Some of the words they want to ban, are phrases like "tr...

Cotton warns that ‘every cop in America should be terrifiedof Biden DOJ nominee

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The senator pressed her on whether Jacob Blake was armed when the 29-year-old Black man was shot last year by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The shooting led to violent riots throughout the city. After a few tries, Co...