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Iran calls Natanz atomic site blackout ‘nuclear terrorism

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Ali Akbar Salehi, the head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, stopped short of directly blaming anyone for the incident. Details remained few about what happened early Sunday morning at the facility, En cual...

Iran nuclear deal would make Biden ‘the biggest funder of terrorism in the world’: Reps. Jim Banks

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REPS. Ron DeSantis que prohibiría a las escuelas públicas y empresas privadas de Florida hacer que la gente se sintiera: This is absurd that the Biden administration would go back to a deal that was disastrous under Barack Obama and are now hell-bent again on renegotiating a new deal that rewards Iran for their bad beha...

US removes Colombia’s FARC from terrorism blacklist

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The US State Department has removed the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, known by the acronym the FARC, from its terrorism blacklist, and listed two dissident groups led by former FARC militants. In a written...

El alcalde de Florida emite una declaración después de afirmar falsamente que el accidente del desfile del Orgullo fue "terrorismo"’

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FORT LAUDERDALE MAYOR FACES BACKLASH FOR CALLING PRIDE CRASH A ‘TERRORIST INCIDENT’ WITH FEW FACTS AVAILABLE TRACE GALLAGHER: That statement is the weakest walk back I've ever seen for a couple of reasons. Uno, él es un ...

Presunto operativo de Al-Shabaab acusado en Nueva York de cargos de terrorismo por plan de ataque frustrado al estilo del 11 de septiembre

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Un presunto operativo de Al-Shabaab acusado de participar en un plan de ataque frustrado al estilo del 11 de septiembre apareció en un tribunal federal de Manhattan de forma remota el miércoles para enfrentar una acusación de varios cargos por cargos relacionados con el terrorismo.. Fed...

DHS updates terrorism bulletin in the wake of recent violent events and Russia-Ukraine tensions

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Washington The spread of conspiracy theories and disinformation is fueling the "heightened threat" environment in the United States, warns the latest national bulletin issued Monday by the Department of Homeland Secu...

El "terrorismo interno de la NSBA’ disculpa fracasa: "Estos son padres, no terroristas,’ Dr. Saphier dice

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La carta apodada la resistencia de los padres a la teoría crítica de la raza y las restricciones de COVID. "el equivalente a una forma de terrorismo interno y delitos motivados por prejuicios." ASOCIACIÓN NACIONAL DE JUNTAS ESCOLARES LO SENTIMOS POR "LENGUAJE" EN LETRA ...

Legisladores, service members celebrate authorization of Global War on Terrorism memorial

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The event was spearheaded by the nonprofit GWOT Memorial Foundation, which has been raising money and pushing Congress for a memorial on the National Mall along what is known as "the reserve" desde 2017. Sobre...

Tucker Carlson: The Democratic Party is redefining opposition as terrorism

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Por ahora, the rest of us, aunque, are free to ponder. A bigger question: Is Thomas Caldwell a seditionist? Is he an enemy of this nation? En enero. 6, was Thomas Caldwell trying to overthrow the U.S. government by force...

Illegal immigrant on FBI’s Terrorism Watch List caught near US-Mexico border, officials reveal

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The unidentified 26-year-old man was arrested on March 30 two miles west of the border crossing in Calexico, Calif., 130 miles east of San Diego, Customs and Border Protection said. During a background check, agents...

Whistleblowers: FBI targeted parents via terrorism tools despite Garland’s testimony that it didn’t happen

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In a letter addressed to the Justice Department, Jordan and Johnson said they have evidence that the FBI labeled dozens of investigations into parents with a threat tag created by the bureau’s Counterterrorism Divisi...

Iran nuclear talks: Biden shouldn’t turn a blind eye to terrorism to secure deal

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Such a move would severely hamper the United States’ efforts to counter Iranian terrorism around the world – even if the White House keeps other terrorism sanctions in place. I would know. I led the Trump administrat...

Joni Ernst pushes for ‘global war on terrorismmemorial on National Mall in defense bill

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Ernst, who served in Kuwait and Iraq in 2003 with the Iowa National Guard, has been working to get a memorial built on the Mall since she sponsored the Senate version of The Global War on Terrorism Memorial Location ...

Super Bowl LVI is a ‘potentially attractive targetfor terrorism but there is no sign of any specific, credible threat, los funcionarios dicen

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Law enforcement is on high alert ahead of Sunday's Super Bowl and remains concerned about the sustained interest that international and domestic terrorists, as well as lone offenders have in targeting mass gathering...

France begins terrorism probe into Saudi Arabia blast ahead of Dakar Rally

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Paris French prosecutors have opened a terrorism investigation into an explosion in Saudi Arabia that injured a French driver ahead of the Dakar Rally. The blast hit a support vehicle belonging to the French team Sod...

Cruz critica al administrador de Biden por "guerra contra la energía",’ Cruz critica al administrador de Biden por "guerra contra la energía"’ Cruz critica al administrador de Biden por "guerra contra la energía"

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Cruz critica al administrador de Biden por "guerra contra la energía" "Cruz critica al administrador de Biden por "guerra contra la energía"" "Cruz critica al administrador de Biden por "guerra contra la energía", Cruz critica al administrador de Biden por "guerra contra la energía".

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