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Afghanistan’s Taliban under threat from internal terrorist organization ISIS-K

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"They can create some real trouble for the Taliban," the Heritage Institute’s Jim Carafano told us. Like a brazen attack in Taliban-controlled Kabul this week. A suicide bomber targeted a military hospital. Gunmen s...

Alleged domestic terrorist admits to plot to bomb a Colorado synagogue

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A Colorado man pleaded guilty in federal court Thursday to federal hate crime and explosives charges for plotting to blow up the Temple Emanuel Synagogue in Pueblo, Colorado, according to federal prosecutors. Rico...

Austin: No hay evidencia de que los talibanes sean "inclusivos,’ dice "No me veo favorablemente’ sobre terrorista buscado en el gobierno

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Hablando con periodistas durante una visita a Kuwait, Austin hizo referencia a la afirmación de los talibanes de que trabajarían para tener una "abierto, gobierno islámico inclusivo," a diferencia de lo que tenían cuando controlaban Afganistán ...

Bernie Sanders calls Hamas a ‘terrorist groupbut says Israeli government has ‘overt racists

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Lijadoras, I-Vt., made the comments in an interview on CBS' "Face the Nation" in the aftermath of a cease-fire last week that ended 11 days of fighting between Hamas and Israel. The fighting resulted in more than 200 D...

Biden admin launches review of Trump decision to designate Yemen’s Houthis as foreign terrorist organization

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Washington The State Department has initiated a review of the Trump administration's decision to designate Yemen's Houthi rebels as a foreign terrorist organization (FTO), a spokesperson told CNN Friday. It is a swif...

Border Patrol official’s tweet on capture of ‘potential terrorist’ deleted; CBP says it violated protocol

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Yuma Sector Chief Patrol Agent Chris Clem tweeted on Dec 20 that agents in the sector had "apprehended a potential terrorist who illegally entered the U.S. from Mexico." "The 21-year-old migrant from Saudi Arabia is...

British Conservative politician’s stabbing death declared a ‘terrorist incident

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The probe into the death of David Amess, 69, will be led by the Counter Terrorism Command of the Metropolitan Police, the agency Friday. Amess was speaking at a Methodist Church on Friday when a man entered and stab...

Canada will list the Proud Boys movement as a terrorist group

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Ottawa, Canada Canada announced Wednesday that the Proud Boys will be designated as a terrorist entity along with 12 other groups. The Proud Boys will be deemed an "ideologically motivated violent extremist group" ...

DHS, FBI expect foreign terrorist messaging to exploit 9/11 anniversary and Afghanistan withdrawal, intel bulletin says

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US intelligence officials are anticipating foreign terrorist organizations will seek to exploit the 20th anniversary of 9/11 y "probably the US withdrawal from Afghanistan" in their messaging, according to a FBI, ...

Nikki Haley regresa a New Hampshire para apoyar la candidatura a la Cámara del ex funcionario del Departamento de Estado de Trump: Nikki Haley regresa a New Hampshire para apoyar la candidatura a la Cámara del ex funcionario del Departamento de Estado de Trump’

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Está dispuesto a sentarse y tratar con un "régimen terrorista": Está dispuesto a sentarse y tratar con un "régimen terrorista", Está dispuesto a sentarse y tratar con un "régimen terrorista".

French police responding to ‘terrorist attackin Nice, local mayor says

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Police in the French coastal city of Nice are responding to a knife attack in the vicinity of a church, which the local mayor has described as a "terrorist attack." Mayor Christian Estrosi said the attacker has been...

Gen. Jack Keane describes being inside the Pentagon on 9/11: ‘I knew it was a terrorist attack

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The retired four-star general and chairman of the Institute for the Study of War was working as the Army's vice chief of staff under President Bush at the time and was in a meeting when he heard news that two planes ...

Novia de ISIS’ debe ser tratado "como un terrorista’ no "estudiante perdido del año sabático": Oficial de seguridad

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Shamima Begum, 22, dejó el Reino Unido. en 2015 unirse al Estado Islámico en Siria. A la edad de 15, se casó con un hombre que luego fue condenado por delitos de terrorismo. Desde entonces, en repetidas ocasiones ha suplicado que regrese a la ....

Israel labels six Palestinian civil society groups ‘terrorist,’ setting challenge for international donors

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Jerusalem Israel's government has declared six Palestinian civil society groups supported by the international community as terrorist organizations, prompting dismay among human rights campaigners. Among the groups...

Tal vez hay otra agenda aquí: Tal vez hay otra agenda aquí’ ataque, la policía dice

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Tal vez hay otra agenda aquí, los funcionarios dijeron, Tal vez hay otra agenda aquí. "Este es un terrorista que disparó en un pub en la calle Dizengoff en Tel Aviv, [object Window].

Juez Jeanine: Joe Biden has given a terrorist organization their own nation

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MILLEY: AFGHAN FORCES ‘NOT DESIGNED APPROPIATELY’ TO SECURE NATION IN ‘LESSONS LEARNED’ FOLLOWING WITHDRAWAL Judge Jeanine: The world is a less safe place today than it was the day Joe Biden took office. That's beca...

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