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Derek Chauvin invokes 5th Amendment in court, tells judge he will not testify in his own defense

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Chauvin, 45, told Judge Peter Cahill absent of the jury’s presence in the courtroom that he will invoke his Fifth Amendment right and will not testify. It was the first time Chauvin had spoken during his trial. The f...

Derek Chauvin trial: Judge grants key witnessrequest not to testify

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Judge Peter Cahill has granted Morries Lester Hall’s motion to quash a subpoena calling for him to testify in Chauvin’s murder and manslaughter trial. AGGIORNAMENTI IN DIRETTA: DEREK CHAUVIN MURDER TRIAL CONTINUES WEDNESDAY Hal...

Derek Chauvin: Will ex-officer on trial for Floyd death testify?

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Doing so could help humanize Chauvin to jurors who haven't heard from him directly at trial, but it also would open him to what could be devastating cross-examination. AGGIORNAMENTI IN DIRETTA: DEREK CHAUVIN MURDER TRIAL CONTINU...

Omarosa Manigault Newman can’t force Trump to testify in lawsuit, regole del giudice

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Former Trump White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman won't be allowed to get testimony from former President Donald Trump, former Trump chief of staff John Kelly or a member of the White House counsel's office in ...

House impeachment managers request former President Donald Trump testify at trial

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The House impeachment managers are requesting former President Donald Trump testify before or during his Senate impeachment trial, making the request in a letter Wednesday that raises the stakes of the trial schedul...

Republicans invite discredited vaccine critic to testify before Senate panel

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Washington Senate Democrats are outraged that a witness invited to testify before a congressional hearing on Tuesday is being given a public platform for her discredited ideas that could endanger the US response to t...

James Comey to testify before Senate committee, Graham says

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Former FBI Director James Comey will testify publicly before the Senate Judiciary Committee on September 30, according to Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham. Graham told Fox News' Sean Hannity that Comey had a...

House Democrats ask appeals court to review ruling that McGahn doesn’t have to testify

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House Democrats asked a larger panel of judges on a powerful Washington, DC-based appeals court on Tuesday to review whether former White House counsel Donald McGahn must appear before a congressional committee and ...