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NFL agrees to end race-based brain testing in $1B settlement

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HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA OBTENER MÁS COBERTURA DEPORTIVA . The revised testing plan follows public outrage over the use of "contando el asalto," a practice that came to light only after two former NFL players filed a civil rights lawsuit over ...

Virginia bans testing cosmetics on animals

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Gobernador. Ralph Northam signed a bill this month banning the testing of cosmetics on animals in Virginia. The Humane Cosmetics Act prevents a cosmetics manufacturer from conducting or contracting for cosmetic animal test...

Lewis Hamilton to miss Sakhir Grand Prix after testing positive for coronavirus

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Lewis Hamilton will miss this weekend's Sakhir Grand Prix in Bahrain after testing for Covid-19. His Mercedes team said that the seven-time Formula One world champion was self-isolating and had only mild symptoms. "...

Recolección Bronco en las obras? Ford atrapado probando Jeep Gladiator

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Las fotos de un Jeep Gladiator Mojave que se está probando en una instalación de Ford en Michigan han reavivado las especulaciones de que una camioneta Bronco está en proceso.. Video El vehículo fue visto con placas del fabricante mientras esperaba..

COVID-19 vaccine and testing mandate gets support from largest US teachers union

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"We also support regular COVID-19 testing in lieu of vaccination for those not yet vaccinated or those for whom vaccination is not medically appropriate or effective. We believe that such vaccine requirements and acc...

Georgia Sen. Kelly Loeffler tests positive for Covid but is undergoing further testing

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Georgia Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler has tested positive for Covid-19, her campaign announced. Loeffler tested positive for the coronavirus on Friday, but a subsequent test came back as inconclusive on Saturday ev...

California to mandate vaccine or testing for state workers

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The new rule will take effect next month, officials announced Monday. There are at least 238,000 state employees, according to the California controller's office, and at least 2 million health care workers in the pub...

Pringles is testing a new can design after a recycling group dubbed it the ‘number one recycling villain

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Pringles is testing out a new can -- at least in the United Kingdom. Durante años, the iconic tall tube that houses the hyperbolic paraboloid-shaped potato chips has been at the top of a list of worst offenders when it...

North Carolina elementary school teacher dies days after testing positive for Covid-19

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A third-grade teacher died in North Carolina days after testing positive for Covid-19 and while her students were quarantined as a result of the exposure. Julie Davis, who taught at Norwood Elementary School in Stan...

The University of Iowa did not have mandatory testing at the start of the semester. Protests and pushback happened next

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Eva Sileo, a senior at the University of Iowa, was surprised to learn that her school would not be testing students as they returned to campus at the start of the semester. "I think it is profoundly irresponsible" S...

Judge allows DNA testing in case of Tennessee man on death row for 32 años

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Evidence in the case of a Tennessee man who was sentenced to death three decades ago can be tested for the first time for DNA, a judge ruled this week. Pervis Payne, who has been on death row for 32 años, is schedu...

Testing deal promoted by White House failing to fix lack of Covid-19 screening strategy

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A deal for 150 million rapid coronavirus tests the White House promoted last month as a potential game-changer in battling the pandemic fails to fix the lack of an overarching strategy for a new phase of testing the...

Philadelphia severs ties with Covid-19 testing and vaccine organization after losing ‘trust in them

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The city of Philadelphia has cut ties with a Covid-19 vaccine provider, saying it lost "trust in them as an organization," after a slew of controversial moves by the group and its 22-year-old CEO, who admitted Thurs...

US tennis player Sam Querrey accused of fleeing Russia after testing positive for coronavirus

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American tennis player Sam Querrey is under scrutiny for leaving Russia on a private jet after testing positive for Covid-19. The 33-year-old and his wife had tested positive for the virus ahead of the St. Petersbur...

Largas filas para las pruebas de Covid-19 a medida que se avecina una variante de Omicron

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Las filas para las pruebas de Covid-19 son largas desde Nueva York hasta el condado de Miami-Dade nuevamente, y buena suerte para encontrar una prueba en casa en algunas partes del país.. A medida que la variante Omicron se propaga más rápido que cualquier otro coronavirus ....

Deputy health commissioner resigns in the wake of ‘Philly Fighting COVIDtesting and vaccine rift

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Philadelphia's acting deputy health commissioner has resigned, days after the city's failed partnership with the organization Philly Fighting COVID (PFC) came to light. The city cut ties with PFC Tuesday amid report...

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