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Restaurant toets pizza met cikades uit

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Dit is nie olywe nie.. Dit lyk asof 'n restaurant in Ohio 'n gebruik gevind het vir die Brood X-kikades wat dele van die Midde-Ooste pla. Die Pizza Bandit in Dayton het 'n Spicy Thai Cicada Pie getoets. Ja, dis 'n pizza met ci ...

Do vaccinated people need COVID-19 tests?

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Geen, you can skip routine testing, with some exceptions. The latest guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says you don't need to be tested or to quarantine if you're fully vaccinated, even ...

New Mexico congressional race tests effectiveness of GOP’s attacks on police reform proposals

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A special congressional election in New Mexico on Tuesday poses an early test of whether Republicans' strategy of latching Democratic candidates to their party's most progressive police reform proposals will help th...

Eurovision winner tests negative for drugs after appearing to snort cocaine on live TV

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Maneskin lead singer Damiano David returned home Sunday to the adulation of fans that was marred by speculation about the on-air moment that he had already denied in a press conference following the finale of the sho...

Yankees-personeel toets positief vir COVID; Hicks gaan oor IL

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Boone het nie die personeellid geïdentifiseer nie, sê hy was deel van die span se ondersteuningspersoneel. 'N Ander personeellid was nie beskikbaar nie weens kontakopsporing. Die Yankees het nege positiewe punte in die reis gehad..

Bill Maher tests positive for coronavirus, ‘Real Timetaping canceled

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In a tweet from the official "Reële tyd saam met Bill Maher" rekening, it was announced that the 65-year-old comedian has tested positive for the novel virus, resulting in Friday's May 14 taping of his show to be canceled...

CDC accepting COVID-19 home tests for international flights to US

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Op Vrydag, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated its COVID-19 testing requirements to accept home tests for international travelers. All travelers flying into the U.S. from another country are requir...

Kristen Bell reveals she, Dax Shepard keep drug tests at home, can test ‘wheneverafter relapse

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Laas jaar, Shepard, 46, revealed that he had relapsed after 16 jare van soberheid. The relapse came about after the actor was in a motorcycle accident and he began to abuse Vicodin. Nou, die "Bless This Mess" star is ...

Dominican Republic no longer requiring COVID-19 tests for travelers

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Vroeër hierdie week, the Caribbean nation announced that it would no longer require travelers to provide a negative coronavirus test in order to enter the country. In plaas daarvan, all travelers will be required to undergo a ...

New Zealand dog trainer suspended after winning greyhound tests positive for meth

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Angela Helen Turnwald was on the receiving end of the punishment, the New Zealand Herald reported Thursday. Her dog Zipping Sarah won a race at the Addington Raceway in Christchurch. Egter, the dog’s urine was flag...

Top NFL Draft prospect tests positive for COVID-19, will skip in-person event

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The former Virginia Tech cornerback tested positive for coronavirus Tuesday, his agent Drew Rosenhaus told the NFL Network. Rosenhaus said Farley is "totally asymptomatic and feels completely normal" but will not be ...

Magic coach Steve Clifford tests positive, will miss games

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Assistant coach Tyrone Corbin will coach in Clifford’s absence, starting with Sunday’s game against Indiana. Clifford already expected to miss Sunday because of two positive tests in a three-day span, and subsequent ...

Louisiana runoff tests direction of Democratic base three months into Biden’s presidency

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Louisiana voters are set to weigh in on the direction of the Democratic Party, choosing between a more moderate candidate who is aligned with President Joe Biden's White House and a more progressive contender who co...

Electric cars are faring well in crash tests and in real world accidents, hier is hoekom

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The Volvo XC40 Recharge received the best Top Safety Pick+ designation, while the Ford Mustang Mach-E was rated a Top Safety Pick due to underperforming headlights on some trim levels. The IIHS also recently gave t...

Parents accuse California district of overuse of COVID tests in school reopening fight

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Austin Beutner, who currently leads the nation’s second-largest school district, has endorsed a rigorous weekly testing program. State and federal health guidelines suggest far less testing is required for asymptomat...

Giroir calls on Biden to ‘surgeCOVID vaccines, tests to Michigan in response to rise in cases

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GIROIR: Compared to Florida, Michigan has 250% more cases. Compare to Texas, they have 700% more cases, and both Florida and Texas are wide open. It’s a complex situation. What they should do -- nommer een, 100% they...

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