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Yanks reach deal to get slugger Gallo from Texas

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The person spoke on condition of anonymity Wednesday night because the deal has not yet been announced and was subject to approval of medical records of the players involved. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA OBTENER MÁS COBERTURA DEPORTIVA . ...

Mujer llevada por policías sentada desde la reunión de la junta escolar de Texas por negarse a usar máscara, el distrito dice

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La mujer llegó a la reunión de la junta del Distrito Escolar Independiente de Northside en San Antonio con una máscara, pero se la quitó., El portavoz del distrito, Barry Pérez, dijo a Fox News. "El individuo fue preguntado por los funcionarios del distrito..

With power outages across Texas, residents worry, wait and make do

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John Henderson's power first went out Tuesday morning and stayed off for 2 horas, and then came back on around 7 pm., then was back off again around midnight and hasn't been on since, él dijo. What the San Antoni...


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That’s what could be on tap this weekend when the Cup Series heads to Austin for Sunday’s EchoPark Texas Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas Road Course, a 3.4-mile track that is a different test from the short...

Williams throws 6 Pases de TD, No. 4 Oklahoma routs Texas Tech

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The true freshman quarterback tied Kyler Murray and Landry Jones for the second-most touchdown passes in a game in school history. Baker Mayfield threw seven against Texas Tech in 2016. Marvin Mims caught four passes...

Why Trump still appeals to Texas conservatives

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Chris Salcedo, the radio show host of the Texas-based "The Chris Salcedo Show," featured on NewsmaxTV, WBAP and KSEV. Las opiniones expresadas en este comentario son suyas. Ver más opinión en CNN. When I moved from C...

Why this Texas ‘election fraudlawsuit is a total and complete joke

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When most people hear "demanda judicial" y "Corte Suprema," they generally think something serious is going on. Después de todo, the legal system in America is no joke! And if the Supreme Court might get involved? Well then, we...

Why the Texas election law is only the tip of the iceberg

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Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott signed the nation's most restrictive voting law on Tuesday, ending a saga that began in July when state House Democrats fled Texas in an attempt to stop the measure. La Ley -- due ...

Why the Texas Democrats’ vuelo (and fight) on election reform is doomed to fail

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The visuals were powerful. Two chartered planes taking off from Texas -- and landing in the nation's capital -- filled with Democratic legislators fleeing a Republican attempt to pass one of the nation's most string...

Why the GOP hold on Texas is loosening

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The huge surge of early voting in Texas' rapidly growing cities and inner suburbs likely marks the end of unchallenged Republican dominance in America's second largest state -- a seismic shift in the nation's electo...

Por qué Merrick Garland está canalizando a John Roberts en la lucha del Departamento de Justicia contra la prohibición del aborto en Texas

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Cuando el fiscal general Merrick Garland reunió el poder del gobierno federal para intentar detener la controvertida prohibición del aborto en Texas el jueves, se aseguró de destacar al presidente del Tribunal Supremo John Roberts en su conferencia de prensa..

Who’s actually to blame for the Texas power disaster?

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With millions of Texans still without power in the wake of a winter storm and frigid temperatures, everyone is looking for someone to blame. Many Democrats are blaming Gov. Greg Abbott (R) for failing to adequately...

Who is Aafia Siddiqui, Texas inmate known as ‘Lady Al Qaeda’?

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By Saturday night all four hostages had been safely released and the hostage-taker was killed, los funcionarios dijeron. The suspect was not immediately identified. Siddiqui, also known in counterterrorism circles as "Lady Al...

Where things stand in the legal battle over Texassix-week abortion ban

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Texas' six-week abortion ban is likely to stay in force at least for a few more days, if not longer, with a federal appeals court signaling Tuesday that the end of the week would be the earliest it would take its ne...

¿Qué hay detrás del "pensamiento neandertal" del gobernador de Texas??

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Una versión de esta historia apareció en el boletín What Matters de CNN.. Para tenerlo en tu bandeja de entrada, Regístrate gratis aquí. "Pensamiento neandertal" fue la descripción inusualmente directa del presidente Joe Biden de la decisión de go ...

What to know about Texas governor’s Covid order targeting migrant transport

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Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott kicked his war against the Biden administration's immigration policies up a notch with an executive order Wednesday targeting the transportation of migrants released from custody T...

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