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‘The Batmanproduction back in full swing

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"The Batman" is back. Robert Pattinson, Colin Farrell, Zoë Kravitz were spotted filming the Matt Reeves blockbuster in Liverpool, Inglaterra. Fans got a peek of Kravitz as Catwoman, dressed in a shiny black trench coa...

"El mandaloriano’ keeps making major links to the past ‘Star Warsgalaxy

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The following contains spoilers about the second season of "The Mandalorian." "El mandaloriano" continues to draw upon all the tools in the "Guerra de las Galaxias" arsenal, making major connections to earlier chapters in the gr...

'El Equalizador’ obtiene una nueva apariencia (otra vez) con Queen Latifah respondiendo a la llamada

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"El ecualizador" la evolución continúa, desde ese señorío británico majestuoso en la década de 1980 hasta un par de películas de Denzel Washington hasta Queen Latifah en una nueva serie de CBS. Pero el personaje no es todo lo que ha cambiado, como el ....

"Los Nevers’ ensambla una serie al estilo X-Men en la Inglaterra victoriana de Joss Whedon

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Dejando de lado el drama detrás del escenario que involucra al creador de la serie Joss Whedon, "Los Nevers" comienza con una premisa intrigante y la desarrolla de una manera tan laboriosa que el interés se desvanece progresivamente con cada casa sucesiva..

Chuck Todd: De Biden 53 percent approval rating is ‘the new 60

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"He's riding the momentum of a recovering eocnomy and the escalation of the vaccinations," Todd suggested. Todd noted that some may argue that the uptick in vaccine distribution might have happened whether Biden was...

Amy Adams in ‘The Woman in the Windowis a poor reason to stay indoors

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"The Woman in the Window" dispenses with an on-screen nod to Alfred Hitchcock's "Rear Window" early, explained by its protagonist's love of old movies. Yet sitting through this baffling, long-on-the-shelf thriller s...

'El cinco’ sobre los votantes que creen que Biden es demasiado liberal

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NEIL CAVUTO, ANFITRIÓN DE NOTICIAS DE FOX: Arte, muchas gracias, mucho. Art Del Cueto, el vicepresidente de la Unión de Patrulla Fronteriza. Y tristemente, él ha estado probando (inaudible) exacto y todo esto. Y en cuanto a la frontera y que está cerrada..

NYC business owner doubts criminals who looted her store will be punished: ‘The system has failed us

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"The system has failed us," Jessica Betancourt, the owner of Bronx Optical Center, told host Steve Doocy, reacting to reports that district attorneys in Manhattan and the Bronx have dropped looting charges against hu...

‘The Crownstar Emma Corrin shares updated pronouns

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"La corona" star Emma Corrin is opening up about gender identity. El actor, who earned a Golden Globe for playing Princess Diana in the Netflix hit, took to Instagram to detail the "viaje" of being queer and bind...

‘The Green Knighttakes a dream-like trip through the Arthurian legend

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"The Green Knight" offers a reminder, if any were needed, why you don't see many movies adapted from 14th-century poems. Even those intrigued by tales of King Arthur and his knights might find this ambitious film as...

The first trailer for ‘The Smurfsreboot is super smurfy

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Remember those smurfy Saturday mornings from your childhood, (now grown and tired) children of the '80s? Si no, the first trailer for "The Smurfs" reboot will take you back there. " permitir pantalla completa> Papa Smurf...

USA Today fact-checker slammed for playing ‘the victimfollowing botched report on Biden’s watch blunder

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USA Today was slammed over a "así llamado" fact-check on Wednesday declaring accusations of Biden checking his watch during the dignified transfer ceremony in honor of the 13 NOSOTROS. service members who were killed in a t...

Fugees reunite for ‘The Score’ 25th anniversary tour

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Ooh la la la, The Fugees are getting back together. The famed hip-hop trio made up of Ms. Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean and Pras Michel will go on a world tour in honor of the 25th anniversary of their acclaimed album "T ...

Timothee Chalamet debuts Willy Wonka costume for upcoming prequel film: ‘The suspense is terrible

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It was announced in May that the "Duna" y "Llámame por tu nombre" actor had signed on to portray the infamous chocolatier in a prequel film from Warner Bros. that will explore the upbringing and origins of the man w...

Ingraham: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and ‘The Squadoverpower Nancy Pelosi

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"The grand madam of vote whipping (Nancy Pelosi) was whipped by The Squad," Ingraham dijo. Despite the fact that the Democrats have Joe Biden in the White House, a majority in the House and Senate, they remain unable...

'La voz’ contestant scares viewers after taking nasty fall on live TV

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Wendy Morton was the subject of a lot of online chatter on social media after she visibly hit the ground quite hard at the conclusion of her team's performance of The Four Tops’ "Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bu...

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