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Michigan man charged with hate crimes after he allegedly attacked a group of Black teenagers and called them the N-word

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A Michigan man is facing both a state and federal hate crime charge, after allegedly approaching a group of three Black teenagers at a state park and knocking one in the face with a bike lock. The Black teen,quién es ...

Este distrito escolar de Virginia dice que no prohíbe al Dr.. Seuss’ libros. En el Día anual de Read Across America, simplemente ya no los enfatiza

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Un distrito escolar en Virginia fue noticia recientemente por supuestamente prohibir libros del Dr.. Seuss. Pero las escuelas públicas del condado de Loudoun(LCPS), ubicado en Ashburn, dijo que no está prohibiendo los libros del famoso autor infantil..

Los estudiantes de quinto grado dicen que el aprendizaje virtual de Biden les permitió comer y dormir una siesta

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La escuela, Escuela primaria de Yorktown, ahora está abierto cuatro días a la semana, con estudiantes que asisten el lunes, martes, jueves y viernes. Los estudiantes no vienen a clase el miércoles para que se pueda limpiar la escuela.. Uno dijo, "I...

Dólares’ playoff toughness should help them win championship

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Por supuesto, the Bucks go into the NBA Finals as underdogs to the Phoenix Suns, according to Fanduel Sportsbook. The uncertain health situation of two-time MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo makes it only natural to feel skeptical a...

'Sábado noche en directo’ has a history of scandals: A look back at 5 de ellos

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The late-night comedy showcase has been running since 1975 and has produced 46 estaciones. Controversy has followed the show throughout the years, from stars getting into fistfights backstage to former cast members bein...

Greg Gutfeld: The Media has problems finding real villains, so they make them up

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Now over at CNN - in between pizzas, Brian Stelter fretted that her cover-up "contributes to a decline in trust in media." Bien, isn't that the potbelly pig calling the kettle black? Brian, you're a regular Magnum P....

20,000 Comandos afganos dejados atrás, legisladores y veteranos instan a Biden a rescatarlos

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Mientras que la administración se jacta de haber evacuado más 120,000 Afganos: la mayoría no eran intérpretes afganos ni sus familias, los funcionarios dicen. La administración Biden se ha comprometido a ayudar a los afganos vulnerables a escapar, pero ...

The bee population is dying. Researchers have created the first global map of the species to save them

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Más que 20,000 species of bee exist throughout the world -- and they are dying, thanks to climate change, pesticide poisoning and plant loss. Researchers have taken an important first step toward bee conservation...

Legisladores en 47 states have introduced bills that would make it harder to vote. See them all here

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Lawmakers in all but three states have introduced bills aimed at restricting ballot access, according to a new tally by the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University. Their latest report finds 361 bills res...

‘Friends’ cast reveals whether any of them have hooked up with one another

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Ahead of the highly anticipated reunion of Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer, the gentlemen sat down with Access to discuss their history. "There was a rule...

Greg Gutfeld: The crime problem the media pretends doesn’t exist actually found them at a baseball game

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Wolff: I think you yourself, um, while you are a nice guy, you are full of sanctimony. You have become one of the parts of the problem of the media. You know you come on here and you have a monopoly on truth. You kno...

UConn football has lifeless response to coach trying to fire them up

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After struggling in their own division for years, the Huskies can’t seem to beat those from the lower level either as they fell 38-28 to FCS opponent Holy Cross in UConn’s home-opener at Pratt & Whitney Stadium. ...

US President Joe Biden called Irish rugby union team to congratulate them on their win over New Zealand

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The Irish rugby union team has friends in high places. In a video call from Camp David on Saturday, US President Joe Biden congratulated the team on its stunning 29-20 win over New Zealand's All Blacks on Saturday, ...

When these parents couldn’t find children’s books with strong Black characters, they created a pop-up store to sell them

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A family in North Carolina created a pop-up store that sells children's books featuring main characters who are Black to counter the lack of diversity in literature. The idea was born in 2019 when 8-year-old Langsto...

Some dogs can learn new words after hearing them only four times

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Some talented dogs can learn new words after hearing them only four times, según un nuevo estudio. Most dogs do not learn words unless they are extensively trained -- but a team of researchers has found that some ...

New Yorker who allegedly waved a four-bladed glove at Black Lives Matter protesters indicted on charges of trying to hit them with an SUV

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New York A New Yorker who prosecutors say yelled "I will kill you" at Black Lives Matter protesters and then allegedly drove an SUV onto a sidewalk toward them has been indicted on 39 cargos, including nine counts o...

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