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Peppa Pig is getting her own Orlando-area theme park, complete with muddy puddles

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Peppa Pig is looking to hog some of the Florida sunshine enjoyed by Mickey Mouse and Harry Potter. The animated British piglet popular with preschoolers is getting her own tourist attraction -- complete with muddy p...

'N Utah-temapark dagvaar Taylor Swift oor' Evermore’ album titel

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Evermore Park in Utah het 'n federale saak teen Taylor Swift ingedien en beweer dat die titel van haar nuutste album die handelsmerke van die temapark oortree.. Die park eis miljoene dollars skadevergoeding, Volgens...

Tennessee principal apologizes for ‘All Lives Mattertheme for Black History Month

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The principal at a Chattanooga, Tennessee, middle school has apologized after announcing that the school's Black History Month theme would be "All Lives Matter." East Ridge Middle School announced the theme in its w...

Jamie Lynn Spears drops new ‘Zoey 101theme song

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Jamie Lynn Spears is working on that "Zoey 101" herlaai, ya'll. The former Nickelodeon star told CNN in a recent interview that she gets asked by fans of the show all the time when there will be some sort of reunion....

Billie Eilish drops Bond theme ‘No Time to Die’ video

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The reign of Billie Eilish as one of music's biggest stars continues. The 18-year-old Grammy winner has now become the youngest artist to ever write and perform a James Bond movie theme. "No Time to Die" is die 25...

Dreamworld theme park operators fined $2.5 million for malfunction that killed four people

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The operator of Australia's Dreamworld theme park has been fined 3.6 million Australian dollars ($ 2.5m) vir 'n 2016 malfunction on one of its rides that killed four people. Visitors Cindy Low, Kate Goodchild, Luke...

‘Golden Girlsspecial episode brought in viral video star to perform theme remix

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"Thank you for being a friend." Die "Zoom Where It Happens" live table read of an episode of "The Golden Girls" with an all Black cast kicked off Tuesday night with viral star Aaron Scott singing his gospel remix of...