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Hannity slams Democratsdismissal for due process: ‘They’re out for vengeance

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HANNITY: Joe Biden was right for once. Even today, he called for "a full blown investigation" to determine if this was an accident or if it was intentional. Sfortunatamente, Joe's radical, socialist party they don’t ag...

Police say they’re responding to a shooting in Frederick, Maryland

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Maryland police are "on scene responding to an active shooter" in the city of Frederick on Tuesday morning, according to a tweet from city police. "Currently there are two victims and one suspect is down," the tweet...

Portland police look for exit, say they’re ‘burned out’: rapporto

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The Oregonian reported that since July 1, 2020, a total of 115 officers left the department-- che rappresentano "one of the biggest waves of departures in recent memory." Video The paper said it reviewed 31 exit interview...

Culture wars give Boris Johnson and his government a quick and easy high. They’re no substitute for governing

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Londra "Two basic rules of government: Never look into anything you don't have to. And never set up an inquiry unless you know in advance what its findings will be." The words are from "Yes Minister," a 1980s televis...

Miami Beach officials say they’re prepared for another weekend of large spring break crowds

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An attempt to enforce an emergency curfew on spring breakers at Miami Beach last weekend devolved into chaos. But this weekend, city officials say they're prepared. Authorities have extended a curfew and state of em...

We met deported migrants at the border. Some say they’re ready to cross again

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Reynosa, Mexico Carlos Cocoy stands beside a group of migrants taking shelter under a bridge at the border as the hot sun beats down. He and his son were just deported. Già, he's trying to figure out how to cros...

A man drove through a crosswalk during a ‘Stop Asian Haterally and authorities say they’re investigating the incident as a hate crime

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Authorities in Los Angeles County say they are investigating an incident at a "Stop Asian Hate" rally over the weekend as a potential hate crime. As demonstrators marched through a crosswalk in the city of Diamond B...

They’re cooking BBQ by the ton and bringing comfort to thousands of storm weary Texans

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While temperatures have warmed and the power has been restored in many areas, countless Texans are still struggling in the aftermath of last week's winter storm. Some lack running water. Some don't have enough foo...

Pancakes, palline e marmellate — cose che tutti amano a meno che non siano fatte di ghiaccio

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Hai sentito parlare di bufere di neve, e forse anche il vortice polare, ma hai sentito parlare di frittelle di ghiaccio? Che dire dei morsi di ghiaccio o delle marmellate di ghiaccio? Questi nomi unici sembrano affascinanti, ma alcuni di questi fenomeni possono anche essere pericolosi ...

Here’s why protesters say they’re gathering in Portland

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Portland, Oregon Protesters again took to the streets of Portland, Oregon, di giovedì -- the first full day of Joe Biden's presidency -- to let the Democratic establishment know they are still fighting for racial ju...

Queste icone dei diritti civili hanno ricevuto il vaccino Covid-19, e stanno incoraggiando l'America nera a fare lo stesso

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Le icone dei diritti civili hanno preso parte a un evento di vaccinazione contro il coronavirus in una scuola di medicina storicamente nera in Georgia. L'evento si è tenuto per incoraggiare i neri americani ad essere immunizzati, Morehouse School of Medic di Atlanta..

I pitoni potrebbero diventare una nuova voce di menu in Florida se gli scienziati possono confermare che sono sicuri da mangiare

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Il predatore potrebbe presto diventare la preda se gli scienziati della Florida possono confermare che i pitoni birmani -- una specie estremamente invasiva nelle Everglades -- sono sicuri per noi da mangiare. La Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation ...

I suoi rivali sono stati arrestati o esiliati, ma il presidente ivoriano insiste: 'Non sono democratici’

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In novembre 9, un gruppo di uomini si è radunato in una polverosa cittadina nel sud della Costa d'Avorio che si trova all'incrocio di due grandi autostrade. Il gruppo è entrato in strada per bloccare il traffico per protestare contro la rielezione dell'ivoriano P ...

I paesi europei credevano che la Germania avrebbe sempre avuto letti in terapia intensiva di riserva per loro. Adesso sono quasi pieni

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Potsdam, Germania La Germania è stata vista come un faro per altri paesi europei durante la prima ondata di coronavirus e acclamata per uno dei migliori sistemi sanitari del mondo. Ma ora sta cominciando a lottare con più s ...

‘Crazy, Not Insaneprobes the minds of serial killers and concludes they’re ‘made, not born

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The media obsession with serial killers receives a welcome infusion of academic analysis and sobriety in "Crazy, Not Inane," an HBO documentary about psychiatrist Dorothy Otnow Lewis and her career-long study of mur...

Quasi 1 nel 10 transgender Americans use nonprescribed hormones because they’re uninsured or insurance won’t cover the cost

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For the transgender people who seek it, gender-affirming hormone therapy can be lifesaving. But if they're uninsured or their insurance won't cover it, some bypass the health care system entirely to get the care the...