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Chicago man with jiu-jitsu black belt pins alleged thief who punched 7-Eleven worker: rapporto

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Idriz Redzovic, [object Window] 22 years of training and owns the Supreme Academy of Jiu-Jitsu in Lincoln Park, was buying 7-Eleven Slurpees for his kids when he noticed a man harassing patrons outside the store, FOX32 Chica...

Thief! Helio Castroneves steals win at stock car race he wasn’t supposed to be in

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The four-time Indy 500 champion won the season-opening Superstar Racing Experience (SRX) event in Pensacola, Florida, even though he wasn't entered in it until the day before. SRX is an all-star series scheduled to r...

Inflation a ‘silent thief’: GOP Senate candidate David McCormick

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DAVID MCCORMICK: I think there's a great opportunity to bring our party together around an "Prima l'America" agenda that can go into November and beat John Fetterman. And the great news is, there's lots of independents...

Glenn Greenwald chiama i media per aver cercato di "riscrivere la storia".

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Glenn Greenwald chiama i media per aver cercato di "riscrivere la storia"., Glenn Greenwald chiama i media per aver cercato di "riscrivere la storia"., Glenn Greenwald chiama i media per aver cercato di "riscrivere la storia".. Glenn Greenwald chiama i media per aver cercato di "riscrivere la storia"..

Brazen thief in orange wig bashes NYC taxi with cinder block: video

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The footage released by the New York Police Department shows the suspect, dressed in all black with a tiger print tote bag, lugging the concrete block toward the unoccupied yellow cab at about 10:15 a.m. NYC FATHER A...

attacca Putin con un messaggio su Instagram: attacca Putin con un messaggio su Instagram

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attacca Putin con un messaggio su Instagram 11:20 p.m. attacca Putin con un messaggio su Instagram, il dipartimento di polizia di New York (NYPD) disse. attacca Putin con un messaggio su Instagram.

Ladro dell'Oklahoma dirotta centinaia di pacchi natalizi di Amazon prima che raggiungano il servizio postale, dice lo sceriffo

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"Centinaia di persone non hanno ricevuto i regali di Natale," Il portavoce dell'ufficio dello sceriffo della contea di Oklahoma, Aaron Brilbeck, ha dichiarato a Fox News Digital Monday. "Questa è pirateria sotto steroidi." Un informatore chiamato a riferire "illega...

NYC thief drags 85-year-old woman to ground by cane, slams her into wall: Polizia

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The woman was inside an elevator at a residential building on East 149th Street and Morris Avenue in the Bronx around 3:10 p.m. local time on Sunday when the stranger walked in, ha detto la polizia. Surveillance video provid...

NYC thief posing as UPS deliveryman robs couple and grandkids at gunpoint, steals piggy bank savings

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The robbery happened at an apartment at 1860 Billingsley Terrace in the Morris Heights neighborhood of the Bronx, ha detto la polizia. OHIO GOOD SAMARITAN ANSWERS WOMAN'S CALLS FOR HELP AT GROCERY STORE, SUBDUES SUSPECT: ‘HE...

Ex-jewelry thief reveals the mindset behind smash-and-grabs and how to stop them

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Lawton, a chi è stato condannato 12 years in prison for stealing roughly $ 12 million in diamonds and gold from jewelers at gunpoint, said the smash-and-grabs happening across the United States are organized and could b...

Ladro di zucche ripreso in video a Washington

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Un proprietario di una casa nello stato di Washington ha registrato una donna non identificata che rubava una delle sue zucche nel bel mezzo della notte prima di Halloween. Secondo le autorità locali, il sospettato è stato anche avvistato mentre rubava la zucca...

Maryland thief abandons stolen car after discovering two children in back seat

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The incident occurred Saturday night at around 8:30 p.m. in Laurel after a driver got out of their car and left it running at a BP gas station. The driver went inside to pay, and the suspect jumped in the car and spe...

Brazen San Francisco thief breaks car windows, steals bags as ‘smash-and-grabcrimes continue

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"A driver shared dash cam video showing smash-and-grabs in Fisherman’s Wharf," reads a caption on an Instagram post Wednesday showing video footage of the scene. SAN FRANCISCO SEES INCREASE IN SHOOTINGS, ASSAULTS ...

Ladro di New York in bicicletta rosa con le farfalle rapina una ragazza, 10, per cellulare, dice la polizia

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La ragazza stava andando a scuola a piedi nel Queens 8 a.m. quando un maschio sulla bicicletta di una ragazza le si avvicinò, ha detto il dipartimento di polizia di New York. Un ladro in sella a una bicicletta rosa con le farfalle ha rapinato un 10-...

Suspected candle thief in Florida injures dozens of people with bear spray during his escape, dice la polizia

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A man in Doral, Florida, escaped from a mall store with stolen goods on Saturday by spraying everyone in his way with bear repellent, secondo la polizia. Almeno 30 people required treatment for their injuries, ...

Woman stops squirrel thief by using Vaseline on bird feeder: ‘They’re so greedy

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Sally Stranix, 64, has been smearing Vaseline on the stand of her bird feeder to stop one "greedy" squirrel from feasting on the food she leaves out for winged friends, according to a report from South West News Serv...