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America’s airline travel ‘becoming third-world:’ David Asman

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DAVID ASMAN: Bien, we are in many ways becoming third world in the way we operate. And so much of it had to do with believing that the government could solve the problem by spending our money. En primer lugar, governmen...

US en route to becoming third-world country: Arizona Senate candidate

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"It pains me to say it, but at this current trajectory, America is on track to be a third-world country by the time my boys are in high school," he told host Jesse Watters. "I won't stand for it." WAPO EDITORIAL BOAR...

Arizona AG on ‘heartbreakingvideo of abandoned migrant child: Esta es America, not a ‘third-world country

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Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich reacted to the video on "zorro & Amigos primero," and slammed the Biden administration’s handling of the border crisis as a "national security issue" y "humanitarian crisis."...