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Thousands march for LGBT equality in Polish capital

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Thousands marched through central Warsaw on Saturday in an "Equality Parade" demanding an end to discrimination against the LGBT community, amid what campaigners say has been a rising tide of homophobia in Poland in...

David Bowie skildery gekoop vir $4 by Kanadese tweedehandse winkel wat waarskynlik vir tienduisende op 'n veiling verkoop

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Die naamlose kleinhandelaar het eers besef dat dit deur die beroemde sanger geskilder is nadat hy sy handtekening agterop gevind het. Die veilingshuis in Ontario, Cowley Abbott, het gesê daar was "versigtige opgewondenheid" toe dit die eerste keer was ...

White House to host thousands for July 4th celebration to mark ‘independence from the virus

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The White House will host a celebration for thousands of essential workers and military families on July Fourth on the South Lawn to mark America's "independence from the virus," according to a White House official....

Sy. Johnson, suspended by YouTube for HCQ content, says early treatment of COVID could’ve saved thousands

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Johnson said he was simply echoing statistics and information echoed by renowned New Jersey epidemiologist Dr. Stephen Smith about the potential that it would have worked well as an interim treatment for coronavirus ...

2 wildfires in Arizona force evacuations and burn tens of thousands of acres

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Two wildfires burning Sunday in the hills and mountains of eastern Arizona have scorched more than 60,000 acres and prompted evacuation orders for hundreds of people, amptenare gesê. Een -- the Telegraph Fire -- has...

Thousands protest in Hungary against planned Chinese university campus

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Thousands of Hungarians, some of them holding banners declaring "treason," protested on Saturday against a Chinese university's plans to open a campus in Budapest. Liberal opponents of nationalist Prime Minister Vikt...

Tens of thousands protest in Brazil demanding Bolsonaro’s impeachment and better vaccine access

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Sao Paulo, Brazil Tens of thousands of Brazilians took to the streets Saturday to voice their frustrations with President Jair Bolsonaro's handling of the Covid-19 crisis, in what appeared to be the largest protests ...

Thousands flee Goma as threat of another volcanic eruption looms

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Sake, the Democratic Republic of the Congo Tens of thousands of people are trying to escape the Congolese city of Goma after authorities issued an evacuation order warning that the Mount Nyiragongo volcano could erup...

Cyclone Yaas batters India’s east coast leaving tens of thousands homeless

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At least three people died and tens of thousands were made homeless when a powerful cyclone swept into eastern India from the Bay of Bengal on Wednesday, inundating hundreds of low-lying villages, amptenare gesê. Cy...

Philadelphia has dimmed its skyline after a ‘mass collisionkilled thousands of migrating birds

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Nearly twenty buildings in Philadelphia are dimming their lights this spring after thousands of birds perished in the city's largest mass collision in recent history. The voluntary measure has been coordinated by "B..

‘There’s no way I can pay for this:’ One of America’s largest hospital chains has been suing thousands of patients during the pandemic

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As the coronavirus spiked in Missouri last fall, a wave of cases hit a nursing home in the state's rural heartland. Robin Bull, a part-time nurse, remembered an ambulance "coming and going constantly" on one especia...

Thousands of ‘fake AirPodsseized in Ohio, CBP says

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US Customs and Border Protection officers in Ohio have seized 36,000 headphones that resembled Apple AirPods. CBP in Cincinnati found that the headphones, which arrived in three shipments from China, were in violati...

A monstrous-looking fish normally found thousands of feet deep in the ocean washed up on a California beach

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An unusual fish with teeth as sharp as glass and a body shaped like a football washed ashore on a California beach last week. The black colored creature with it's gaping mouth laid on the sand on the shore of Crysta...

Skaars vis wat duisende voet onder die oseaan leef, spoel aan wal in Kalifornië se staatspark

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'N Skaars soort vis het onlangs aan die oewer van 'n staatspark in Kalifornië uitgespoel. Wat hierdie spesifieke vis so 'n indrukwekkende vonds maak, is dat dit 'n diepseevis is en dat dit na bewering skaars is dat mense 'n m ....

Biden administration holds migrant children in mass shelters by the tens of thousands with little oversight

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Confidential data obtained by the AP shows the number of migrant children in government custody more than doubled in the past two months, and this week the federal government was housing around 21,000 kinders, from todd...

Passengers aboard a boat that sank near San Diego paid thousands to smugglers, sê owerhede

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Passengers aboard a vessel that sank near San Diego on Sunday told investigators they each paid thousands of dollars to be smuggled into the US, according to a federal complaint filed Wednesday against the suspected...

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