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Cotton threatens to stall US attorney nominees from Democratic states

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Republikeinse sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas is threatening to stall the nominations of US attorneys from states represented by Democrats on the Judiciary Committee in retribution for the committee's Democrats moving forw...

Tsereteli & Carafano: Putin threatens Ukraine – here’s the danger and what US, allies should do about it

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Nou, with unrest in his backyard, Europe preoccupied with COVID and a U.S. president who looks disengaged and distracted, Putin appears to be on the prowl again. Hierdie keer, in his old hunting ground: Oekraïne. An un...

Baseball-sized hail threatens Alabama, tornado reported in Mississippi as severe storms hit South

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The community of Orange Beach, Ala. saw their car windshields shattered by hail the size of baseballs, and quarter-sized hail pelted Texas's Dallas-Fort Worth area. 2021 HURRICANE SEASON: 17 NAMED STORMS PREDICTED TH...

Delay in redistricting threatens Black and Asian residents in two southern states, some Democrats fear

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Sheryl Threadgill-Matthews is paying close attention to how a delay in the release of redistricting data by the US Census Bureau could affect Alabama's Black community. Verlede maand, the Census Bureau announced that...

Sign at Texas restaurant threatens a $50 fee ‘If I have to explain why masks are mandatory

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The owners of a Denton, Texas, diner want customers to know that they are serious when they say masks are still required in their establishment. Wayne and Kat LaCombe put up a warning sign on the door of Legends Din...

Indië se grondwaterkrisis bedreig voedselsekerheid vir honderde miljoene, studie sê

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Honderde miljoene mense in Indië staar 'n ernstige bedreiging in vir hul lewensonderhoud en voedselsekerheid as gevolg van oorbenutting van lewensbelangrike watervoorrade, volgens die outeurs van 'n nuwe studie. Indië is een van die wêreld ...

DeSantis defends controversial vaccine deal with developerand threatens to pull vaccines if officials don’t like it

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Florida's Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis has threatened to move a pop-up vaccination clinic that his state has set up in an affluent community in Manatee County after he was confronted with allegations of political fa...

Nigeria threatens to sanction CNN over investigation and denies security forces shot at protesters

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Abuja, Nigeria A senior Nigerian minister lashed out against CNN Thursday, saying the network should be sanctioned over its investigation, which uncovered evidence that the Nigerian army and police opened fire on una...