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‘Let Him Goreunites Diane Lane and Kevin Costner in an old-fashioned thriller

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The ads for "Let Him Go" frankly don't really do the movie justice, making this understated little film -- anchored by Diane Lane and Kevin Costner's steely performances -- look a lot more like "Taken" than it actua...

‘No Sudden Moverevives the 1950s crime thriller for the streaming age

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Steven Soderbergh continues his prolific directing streak with "No Sudden Move," a 1950s crime thriller that's an obvious ode to the movies of that era and a nifty showcase for its sizable cast, topped by Don Cheadl...

‘Oxygenwon’t leave you breathless, but the thriller will make you think

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"Oxygen" probably would have been better as a "The Twilight Zone" o "Black Mirror" episodio, as opposed to being stretched out into a movie. Aún así, this French thriller -- premiering on Netflix -- pulls the audien...

‘The Courierdelivers Benedict Cumberbatch in a taut Cold War thriller

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Anyone with a taste for Cold War dramas will find an intriguing addition to their cinematic library with "The Courier," a fact-based story featuring Benedict Cumberbatch as a Hitchcockian everyman who becomes the un...

‘The Devil All the Timestrands its super-star cast in a grim Netflix thriller

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The casting alone should spur interest in "The Devil All the Time" -- hombre murciélago (Robert Pattinson) and Spider-Man (Tom Holland), together at last -- but can't make the movie feel like less of a slog. Adapting Dale Ray ...

‘The Little Thingsbrings a big dose of star power to a grim crime thriller

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"The Little Things" is actually based on a screenplay written in the 1990s, and those dark roots show, in a psychological crime thriller that notably resembles a relic of that era, "Seven." Grindingly slow, the best...

‘Without Remorsesets up Michael B. Jordan in Tom Clancy’s revenge thriller

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Michael B. Jordan puts his considerable star power to the test in "Tom Clancy's Without Remorse," an action movie that basically feels like the extended coming attraction for a possibly better one down the road. Wha...

‘Wrath of Manreunites Jason Statham and Guy Ritchie in a grim revenge thriller

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Reunited, and it feels so painful, as Jason Statham, co-writer/director Guy Ritchie and an old-fashioned revenge plot add up to "Wrath of Man," a serviceable, ultraviolent thriller if you can weather the exceptional...

A thriller by Dolly Parton and 4 other books to put on your reading list

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Books linked here are chosen independently by CNN+ news staff. CNN+ may receive a commission for any purchases made through these links. The following is an excerpt from this week's "Jake Tapper's Book Club" newslett...

Arsenal vs. Manchester City: Rodri seals win for Premier League leader in controversial thriller

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Premier League leader Manchester City moved 11 points clear of Chelsea after a 2-1 win over 10-man Arsenal in a game filled with drama and controversy. With Arsenal manager Arteta isolating after positive Covid-19 t...

Cards win 34-33 thriller after Vikings miss last-second FG

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It was a fitting ending to a seesaw game that saw the lead change hands eight times. The dizzying offensive pace — Arizona had a 24-23 halftime lead — slowed considerably in the final minutes, and there were no touch...

Crime thriller ‘The Touriststarring Jamie Dornan will take you on quite a ride

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A version of this story appeared in Pop Life Chronicles, CNN's weekly entertainment newsletter. Para tenerlo en tu bandeja de entrada, Regístrate gratis aquí. Another week, another time when the world feels like it is on fire. I ...

Doncic, Mavericks win 125-124 thriller over surging Wizards

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Another career best was the bigger highlight for Doncic. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA OBTENER MÁS COBERTURA DEPORTIVA . The 22-year-old's career-high 20th assist fed Dorian Finney-Smith for the go-ahead 3-pointer in the final seconds as Do...

Los últimos cuatro 2022: North Carolina narrowly defeats Duke in classic thriller, heads to national championship

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In an epic Final Four matchup that will go down as one of the classics in NCAA men’s basketball history, North Carolina defeated Duke 81-77 and will head to the national championship game against Kansas on Monday nig...

Hillary Clinton prueba suerte en un thriller en nueva novela

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Hillary Clinton prueba suerte en un thriller en nueva novela: Hillary Clinton prueba suerte en un thriller en nueva novela. Hillary Clinton prueba suerte en un thriller en nueva novela, "Hillary Clinton prueba suerte en un thriller en nueva novela," Hillary Clinton prueba suerte en un thriller en nueva novela. Hillary Clinton prueba suerte en un thriller en nueva novela, Hillary Clinton prueba suerte en un thriller en nueva novela.

Italy knocks out Belgium in Euro 2020 thriller to advance to semifinals

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Italy narrowly overcame Belgium in one of the most thrilling games of Euro 2020 to book a date with Spain in the semifinals. All three goals in the Azzurri's 2-1 came in the first half, with brilliant strikes from N...

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