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AP Top 25: Georgia jumps to No. 2 behind Tide; UCLA moves in

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It is the second time in the last three seasons and the third in the last five that the SEC is sitting 1-2 in the AP Top 25, which is presented by Regions Bank. Alabama and LSU had a four-week run as Nos. 1 e 2 nel ...

Massachusetts police rescue dog chained to rod and left to drown in incoming tide; owner arrested

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Elias Pacheco-Osario, 27, of Revere, was taken into custody on Friday following a days-long investigation, the Massachusetts State Police said. TEXAS FIREFIGHTERS, POLICE RESCUE 15-YEAR-OLD DEAF DOG FROM STORM DRAIN ...

A large red tide has contributed to more than 600 tons of dead marine life in Florida

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A red tide has invaded the Gulf Coast of Florida, causing problems for wildlife and the community. The bacteria that makes up red tide, Karenia brevis, has already killed more than 613 tons of marine life and fish ...

Tourist survives 120-foot fall off of cliff while taking selfie because the tide was in: rapporto

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A tourist in England is lucky to be alive after falling off the side of a cliff. Apparentemente, the man was attempting to pose for a picture when he lost his footing. A tourist reportedly fell 120 feet off the ...

WWII bomb cleared from a resort beach after it was exposed during an unusually low tide

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A live bomb from WWII was successfully detonated this week, after it was found on the shore of the Bristol Channel in England. The bomb was an Anti-Submarine Mortar bomb, thought to have been used in the area by a n...