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A 1979 moord op koue sake was 'n kontrakmoord met bande met die goewerneurskantoor in Tennessee, DA sê

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Die owerhede in Tennessee sê dat hulle die 42-jarige moord op 'n sakeman van Chattanooga opgelos het, noem die koue geval a "kontrakmoord" met bande met die voormalige Tennessee Gov. Ray Blanton se administrasie. Samuel Pett ...

Spore’ Gregg Popovich ties Don Nelson for NBA career wins record

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Popovich chose to ignore the achievement, as he has many others during his illustrious 26-year tenure leading San Antonio. He didn't mention it to players after the victory, and he didn't take any questions about the...

RoyalsPerez ties Bench’s HR mark with 45th in loss to A’s

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Perez hit a two-run homer in the first inning, matching Bench’s total from 1970 for the most by a player who played at least 75% of his team’s games at catcher. Perez is tied with Toronto's Vladimir Guerrero Jr. vir ...

Biden administration gives senior Saudi visitor the red carpet treatment signaling possible warming ties

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The Biden administration hosted the most senior Saudi official to arrive in Washington since the White House distanced itself earlier this year from the kingdom and its defacto ruler Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman...

Wetsontwerp op Alabama om joga in skole toe te laat, aangesien teenstanders bang is vir die bande met Hindoeïsme

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'N Wetsontwerp in Alabama wat 'n verbod op joga-onderrig van 28 jaar in openbare skole sou keer. Die rekening, voorgestel ...

Huis -Republikeine eis antwoorde van progressiewe groepe oor moontlike bande met die Chinese Kommunistiese Party

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Die vier groepe wat 'n afskrif van die brief sal ontvang, is die Sunrise Movement, Vereniging van Bekommerde Wetenskaplikes, MoveOn en Grondwerke. In die brief, Rodgers, wat dien as Republikeinse minister van energie en handelskomitee..

Jesse Watters slams mainstream media’s ties to Democrats: ‘Let’s name names

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JESSE WATTERS: The digital revolution, the age of the internet. This was supposed to give Americans access to everything we wanted to know, and the ability to communicate whatever we wanted to, to anybody we wanted t...

A loose cow trotting along an Atlanta-area interstate ties up traffic for an hour

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Atlanta-area drivers are used to sitting in traffic, but for those on Interstate 285 die naweek, the cause for their delay was unusual: a loose cow on the highway. Police in Dunwoody, Georgië, responded to a traff...

Joel Embiid ties career high with 50 punte, 76ers beat Magic

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He proved Wednesday night that he's in a class on his own. Embiid tied his career high with 50 points in just 27 minute, leading a dominant third quarter that carried the Philadelphia 76ers to a 123-110 victory over...

Rep. [object Window]’ [object Window]’

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Waltz het Maandag tydens 'n verskyning op 'The Story' aan Fox News gesê dat die advertensie ook die Turks-Amerikaanse NBA-ster Enes Kanter Freedom bevat - wat onder skoot gekom het omdat hy een van min Amerikaanse. [object Window].

Ralph Lauren cuts ties with golfer Justin Thomas for using anti-gay slur

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The Ralph Lauren Corporation is cutting ties with golfer Justin Thomas over his use of a homophobic slur. Thomas apologized for the incident, which occurred at a PGA Tour tournament in Hawaii last Saturday. "There's...

Nike says it cut ties with Neymar over his refusal to cooperate in sexual assault investigation

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New York/São Paulo (CNN Besigheid)Nike said it cut ties with Neymar last year because the Brazilian soccer superstar refused to cooperate with an inconclusive investigation into sexual assault allegations made by one ...

‘SNL’ finale with Lil Nas X, host Anya Taylor-Joy ties for season-low ratings

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Die vertoning, which was hosted by Anya Taylor-Joy, had its first full studio audience all season as coronavirus restrictions continue to be lifted and lessened in New York and throughout the country. Saturday’s "SNL" dre...

Hannity: Psaki no longer circles back, refuses to answer for Biden’s ties to son’s business

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HANNITEIT: We turn now our attention back to White House press secretary, future NBC employee and star Jen Psaki, who no longer seems too interested in actually answering any questions. She doesn't even circle back any...

Lia Thomas ties for fifth in 200 freestyle, is ignored by competitors as she exits pool

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The audience was also noticeably silent when Thomas was announced prior to the race, and when race officials announced the results.Thomas, the University of Pennsylvania swimmer, who earlier in the week won the women...

Kathie Lee Gifford’s son Cody Gifford ties the knot over Labor Day weekend

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Kathie Lee Gifford's son Cody Gifford has married actress Erika Brown. The former morning show host posted about the Labor Day weekend festivities on her Instagram account, writing a sweet caption beside a picture o...

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