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Jada Pinkett Smith estrena un nuevo corte de moda inspirado en su hija Willow antes de su 50 cumpleaños: 'Hora de dejar ir’

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La actriz y "Charla de mesa roja" anfitrión, 49, mostró una nueva mirada al mundo que reveló que estaba inspirada en su propia hija, Willow Smith, 20, cuando Pinkett Smith se acerca a su medio siglo de edad en septiembre. "Voluntad...

Bombero de Texas mintió sobre tener COVID-19 para obtener $ 12K en tiempo libre pagado

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William Jordan Carter, 38, ahora está de licencia administrativa de la estación de bomberos 7 en Dallas luego de su arresto el viernes por un delito grave de robo. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA ENCONTRAR UNA VACUNA COVID-19 CERCA DE USTED. Carter logró recolectar..

New Orleans mayor says there’s not enough time to order new mandatory evacuations ahead of Hurricane Ida

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Casi 16 years to the date after Hurricane Katrina overwhelmed the city's flood protection system, New Orleans is bracing for another potentially dangerous storm. Hurricane Ida was moving into the Gulf of Mexico ...

Joe Concha rips Biden: The president runs from reporters at a time when accountability is demanded

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JOE CONCHA: "So the British prime minister needs to ask permission from Ms. Psaki and the president's chief handlers around taking questions? Y otra vez, why is the press secretary telling our president he should not ...

Adele addresses cultural appropriation scandal for the first time: ‘I didn’t read the f–king room

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During London’s Notting Hill Carnival in 2020, the pop star shared a much-anticipated new image after her reported 100-pound weight loss — at a time when Adele had all but disappeared from the spotlight for more than...

Alec Baldwin speaks in public for first time amid ongoing ‘Rustmovie set shooting investigation

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Baldwin, 63, spoke to photographers in Vermont where he said he is cooperating with police and has been speaking to them every day. Baldwin maintained that he could not speak on the active investigation. "It's an act...

Mississippi AG says Roe v. Wade has ‘pitted women against their children,’ time to return power to the states

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Mississippi has become the center of national attention as the Supreme Court prepares to consider oral arguments on Dec. 1 surrounding the state's law prohibiting abortions after 15 semanas. El caso, Dobbs v. Jackson ...

Liam Neeson doesn’t steal much more than your time in ‘Honest Thief

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By the standards of Liam Neeson thrillers (and there are a lot from which to choose), "Honest Thief" is pretty weak tea, a passable, low-octane action movie that doesn't do much more than steal one's time. Like seco...

Artificial intelligence co-pilots US military aircraft for the first time

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Artificial intelligence helped co-pilot a U-2 "Dragon Lady" spy plane during a test flight Tuesday, the first time artificial intelligence has been used in such a way aboard a US military aircraft. Mastering artific...

‘Revenge bedtime procrastinationcould be robbing you of precious sleep time

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After a long day of working from home, Hadly Clark spends her evening hours mindlessly swiping through her phone. She powers through her usual scheduled 9:30 pm. bedtime in favor of online shopping and social media...

Christina Aguilera says she ‘hated being super skinny’: ‘I have a hard time looking at the early pictures’

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The 40-year-old, who is the May 2021 cover star of Health magazine, told the outlet how she initially felt "so insecure" about her body until she "started filling out a little bit." "I think we all have our good days...

Armie Hammer spotted in Cayman Islands; first time seen since rape allegations

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The 34-year-old actor was recently spotted in the Cayman Islands -- his first time being seen publicly since being accused of rape last month. The star looked rather relaxed in a gray T-shirt and gray shorts with a s...

Golden Knights host a Game 7 for 1st time against Minnesota

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Vegas will host a Game 7 for the first time when it plays the Minnesota Wild, who have staved off elimination by winning the past two games. "This is what it’s all about," said Vegas coach Peter DeBoer, quién es 5-0 en...

Reps. Buck urges GOP to back Big Tech antitrust bills: ‘Time that consumers had a voice

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Dólar, a ranking member on the House Judiciary Committee's Subcommittee on Antitrust, Commercial, and Administrative Law, is leading the charge on multiple pieces of legislation to rein in Big Tech - including the Sta...

2 Los ex oficiales de policía de Maine acusados ​​de matar a golpes a los puercoespines pasarán tiempo en la cárcel

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Dos ex policías de Maine se declararon culpables de cargos de crueldad animal derivados de un incidente en el que mataron a golpes a puercoespines con sus porras mientras estaban de servicio., Fiscal de distrito del condado de Sagadahoc ...

Doctor on if it’s safe to get Botox, fillers around the same time as coronavirus vaccine

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The potential dangers of the vaccine interacting with cosmetic injections is a hot topic currently, according to leading aesthetician Dr. Sarah Tonks. The doctor shared her thoughts on the subject in a recent YouTube...

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