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Humans were using tobacco at least 12,000 jare terug

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Skryf in vir die nuusnuusbrief van CNN se Wonder Theory -wetenskap. Verken die heelal met nuus oor fassinerende ontdekkings, wetenskaplike vooruitgang en meer. The tobacco plant has shaped the fortunes of humanity. Vandag, the su...

Harris chief of staff Tina Flournoy fought to shield Big Tobacco from liability as Philip Morris exec: memos

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Flournoy's portfolio at Philip Morris included working to "doodmaak" Medicaid liability bills as states sued tobacco companies for Medicaid costs incurred by patients who smoked cigarettes. Vandag, tobacco companies must ...

NJ man used drones to smuggle cell phones, tobacco, other contraband into federal prison

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Jason Arteaga-Loayza, ook bekend as "Juice," was an inmate at the correctional facility in Fort Dix from June 2017 to September 2018. A month after he got out, he and his co-conspirators started coordinating to fly a...

Children exposed to tobacco smoke could be at risk for high blood pressure

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Children who are exposed to tobacco smoke have a greater chance of having high blood pressure, 'n nuwe studie het bevind. Researchers found 6% of children who were exposed to tobacco smoke had high blood pressure compar...

Smugglers threw seven pounds of chicken wings and 40 pounds of tobacco over a prison wall

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Smugglers managed to throw a hefty haul of contraband items -- insluitend 20 pounds of tobacco and seven pounds of barbecued chicken -- over the fence of a Mississippi prison. They may have gotten away with it, if it...