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Olivia Culpo turns heads as she shows off toned abs after workout class

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Cameras caught the 29-year-old model leaving the workout class. Culpo wore a matching black work out set with a black jacket. Culpo pulled her hair back into a slick low bun. Her abs were on full display as she carri...

Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio unveils her toned abs in neon-green bikini during beach outing

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Op Sondag, the supermodel hit the beach near her Santa Monica, Kalifornië, home and enjoyed breaking a sweat with some volleyball For the occasion, the Victoria’s Secret icon rocked a skimpy neon-green bikini with a dari...

Gwyneth Paltrow shows off toned bikini body with sauna selfie

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The 48-year-old actress posed for the selfie while wearing a two-piece blue, black and white patterned bikini. Paltrow said the "geheim" vir haar "summer radiance" involves a "multipronged approach." "The secret to ult...

Jennifer Lopez flaunts toned figure as she tours a new build amid house hunting search with Ben Affleck

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Op Saterdag, the multihyphenate toured a new build amid her house search with Ben Affleck. In the snapshots, the singer is seen climbing a ladder while exploring the Bel Air home which is still under construction. Die...

Dolly Parton sê dat Kim Kardashian 'baie lekker doen’ as sy toon getinte bikini lyf

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Die 40-jarige reality-ster het in 'n pers tweedelige bikini voor op 'n boot op 'n meer geposeer. "Moenie te besig raak met 'n bestaan ​​wat u vergeet om daaraan te werk nie," Kardashian het in die onderskrif geskryf, kwotasie ...

Jessie James Decker flaunts toned figure in bikini days after getting emotional over body-shaming comments

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Dekker, 33, showed off her toned abs and legs while wearing a multi-color striped two-piece Thursday. "#Cheers," Decker captioned the photo. The country music star got emotional on her Instagram Story Tuesday while ...

Carrie Underwood shows off toned bikini bod while out fishing: ‘Lake life

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Die "Before He Cheats" singer posted a few selfies featuring the fish she caught. The photos also captured a look at the 38-year-old's abs. Underwood chose a black and white bikini for the fishing trip. "Feeeeeeshi...

Julianne Hough shows off toned body in teeny-tiny bikini

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The 32-year-old "Dans Met Die Sterre" alum was spotted wearing a silver printed two-piece while enjoying drinks on a yacht with family and friends. She later took a dip in the water before returning to the craft s...

Ex-NFL star Joe Horn ‘disappointedwith toned down coverage around son’s selection

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Joe Horn, the former New Orleans Saints wide receiver, is the father of Jaycee. He told ESPN on Friday he was "disappointed" with the lack of talk around his son and pointed to the Aaron Rodgers trade rumors being th...