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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son Joseph Baena says their relationship ‘took a little while’ before they got close

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The actor and realtor recently appeared on the "Unwaxed" podcast hosted by sisters Sophia and Sistine Stallone, daughters of Sylvester Stallone. "… My relationship with my dad, it took a little while for me and him t...

Baltimore top prosecutor Marilyn Mosby has been mired in controversy since she took office

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Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby once said city prosecutors had "the toughest job in America," a job made increasingly difficult when delivering justice means overhauling a system many feel is broken. Ya que ...

Happy cats or soup? How one couple’s felines took control of their Vitamix

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Jessica and Nikii Gerson-Neeves were looking forward to a 2022 filled with delicious soups and smoothies. (Soups for Jessica, smoothies for Nikii.) So they bought the Cadillac of blenders, a Vitamix. It was on sale ...

MSNBC panel pummels ‘failureof remote learning, asks why ‘conventional wisdomtook so long to agree

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The discussion came amid Chicago Public Schools, the third-largest school district in the nation, canceling classes on Wednesday after its teachers union voted to not go into the classroom over protest of the city's ...

Britney Spears’ father took out a $40,000 loan before putting her under a conservatorship: reporte

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En noviembre, the conservatorship that Spears was under for 13 años, most of that time spent with her father in control of her life and finances, ended per a Los Angeles Superior Court judge’s ruling. sin embargo, as Sp...

A former NFL player who killed 6 and took his own life had ‘unusually severestage 2 Redil, experto dice

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A former NFL player who fatally shot six people before taking his own life in South Carolina this year had "unusually severe" stage 2 Redil, a brain disease linked to head injuries, a Boston University neuropathologis...

"SNL’ took on TikTok with brutal accuracy

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TikTok served as a source of hilarious fodder on this weekend's episode of "Saturday Night Live." The show satirized people TikTok-trying-way-too hard on the social media platform and it was was brutally accurate. T ...

Mike Pompeo en "Kilmeade Show": Los medios mordieron el anzuelo a los demócratas’ Rusia 'desinformación’

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GRUPO DEM FUNDADO PARA LUCHA CONTRA LA "DESINFORMACIÓN" PAGADO CASI $ 1M A LOS INVESTIGADORES DISCREDITOS DEL DOSSIER DE ACERO MIKE POMPEO: Este dossier fue en gran parte una creación de los líderes de la élite institucional demócrata. Podemos ver todo eso..

Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh says he will gift his bonus to staffers who took pay cuts

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Michigan Wolverines head football coach Jim Harbaugh will donate the bonus money he'll earn this season to employees of the athletic department who were impacted by Covid-19-related pay cuts, Harbaugh dijo. Harbaugh...

Strahan wonders why Giants took so long to retire 92 jersey

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The never-shy Strahan on Wednesday took a swipe at the team's ownership for lateness of his jersey retirement; nipped at fans of the rival Philadelphia Eagles; and added he is as frustrated as any Giants fan by the t...

La administración de Biden 'tomó una motosierra’ a la industria energética, seguridad global: El día McDowell

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Granholm se rió recientemente cuando se le preguntó sobre sus planes para aumentar la producción de petróleo estadounidense., diciendo "Es muy gracioso" y explicando que el aceite es un "mercado global" controlado por la OPEP, que, según ella, había decidido no hacerlo ....

Las hijas de Tawny Kitaen reflexionan sobre crecer con la estrella, perderla: Ella 'tomó la vida por las riendas’

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Tawny Kitaen, la sensual zorra de video que apareció en videos musicales de rock durante el apogeo de MTV y protagonizó junto a Tom Hanks en el 1984 comedia "Despedida de soltero," murió en mayo a la edad 59. Cinco meses después, la naranja...

Inmigrante iraní corre para destituir al funcionario de la junta escolar que tomó su micrófono en la reunión del CRT

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Anita Edgarian fue noticia en julio 26 cuando ella, como lo han hecho muchos padres en todo el país en los últimos meses, decidió hablar durante una reunión de la junta escolar en West Chester, un suburbio en las afueras de Filadelfia. H ...

If you took every last hand sanitizer, here’s why it pays to be less selfish

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At dinnertime, you nab the best-looking pork chop for yourself from the family-style platter. When it's time to watch TV, you snatch the remote control before anyone else can get to it. Or maybe you take the last bi...

Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen opens up about recovering from the car crash that took his arm in 1984

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Allen joined the rock group when he was 15 and every member shot to fame over the next decade. sin embargo, on New Year’s Eve in 1984, he was driving his Corvette when he was involved in a horrible accident that left him...

Connecticut high school teacher allegedly took dozens of up-skirt photos of female students

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Christian Stevenson, 52, taught social studies and coached golf at Rockville High School in Vernon, where he resigned on Sept. 15 – the same day the allegations came to light – after 22 años, the Hartford Courant re...

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