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Dan Bongino torches Democrats as ‘communist appeasers

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EN BONGINO: Why won’t the Democrats call these thugs out? These communist thugs in Cuba…why can’t they speak with a unified voice? Why did it take them days to utter the words communism and avoid it the whole time? ...

Hannity torches ‘delusionalWH chief of staff for touting Afghanistan success: Is he ‘this much of an idiot?’

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Klein, who feverishly retweeted praise for Biden, and admiration from media allies, during the Afghanistan crisis, spoke to MSNBC on Tuesday. "It's easy to second-guess but let's just be clear," hy het gesê. "America was...

Rose torches tough Augusta for 65 and 4-shot Masters lead

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Rose made seven birdies and an eagle during a torrid 10-hole stretch for a 7-under 65 and a four-shot lead, his lowest score at Augusta National in one of its toughest opening rounds. It started with a nice hop off t...

Jim Jordan maak die Demokrate 'mal'’ uitgawesrekening: Dit sal 'sake erger maak'’ namate kommer oor inflasie styg

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Tsjaad-PERGRAM: BIDEN SE BESTEDEWETNING IS 'N DRAMA IN 4 HANDELINGE REP. JIM JORDAAN: Ek dink nie daar sal enige Republikein in die Senaat of die Huis wees nie [wie sal] stem vir hierdie mal stukkie wetgewing. En eerlik, kom ons ho...

Sy. Rand Paul torches Fauci, explains asking DOJ for criminal referral against him

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Op Woensdag, Sy. Rand Paul spoke on "Die storie met Martha MacCallum" to discuss his request of a Department of Justice investigation against Fauci for his behavior during a Senate hearing. When discussing this, Wel ...

Hannity torches Blinken congressional hearing: ‘Is it possible for one person to be that stupid?’

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"Where is Mike Pompeo where we need him?" Vra Hannity, calling Blinken "so totally and completely and utterly clueless it makes Neville Chamberlain look like Patton in comparison." MULTIPLE GOP CONGRESSMEN DEMAND B...

Kentucky AG torches Biden, Dems for polarizing nation, exploding ‘tensions’ of racial injustice

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"What I believe is that this country has always tried from the very beginning to become a more perfect union," hy het gesê. "But when you hear comments like you heard from President Biden and others that throw fuel on th...

Trump brand Biden in 'Fox' & Vriende’ onderhoud, sê admin 'wetend ons land vernietig’

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Tydens 'n verskyning op "jakkals & Vriende," Trump het teruggeskiet op die president oor syne 2020 kommentaar lewer, waar hy voorgestel het dat Trump verantwoordelik is vir Amerikaanse COVID-sterftes en nie in sy amp moet aanbly nie. Trump lar...

Professor verbrand skooldistrik se 'anti-rassis'’ wiskunde druk: 'Rassisme is 'n bedryf in Amerika’

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Die Pennsylvania-professor en medestigter van Free Black Thought het verwys na Jefferson County Public Schools in Louisville, Kentucky, die aanbied van 'n jaarlange professionele opleidingsprogram oor anti-rassistiese wiskunde. "Wat...

French Toast: France torches Australia, US over submarine deal as ambassador recalled

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Jean-Pierre Thebault delivered his comments as he left his residence in the pandemic locked down capital of Canberra. "This has been a huge mistake, a very, very bad handling of the partnership," Thebault said, verduidelik ...

Dan Bongino fakkels 'linkse logika’ op die polisie: Hulle glo dat stereotipering van cops OK is

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NYC TIMES Vierkantige skiet stuur meisie, 4, TWEE ANDER AAN HOSPITAAL; POLISIESOEK NA VERDAG DAN BONGINO: As u links is - nie noodwendig 'n demokraat nie. Baie demokrate besef dat die polisieding 'n skending is..

Will Cain torches ‘characterless, lafhartig’ liberal pundits for disrespecting Bob Dole

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MSNBC HOST APPEARS TO DOWNPLAY BOB DOLE'S ACPLISHMENTS AFTER DEATH ANNOUNCED WILL CAIN: Obviously that was intended as an insult. I don't take it as an insult. So Bob Dole supported President Trump. Why is that an in...

Lt. Goewerneur. Patrick torches Biden over border failure, COVID crisis: ‘This is insanity

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Patrick joined "Amerika se Newsroom" Thursday after Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed an executive order that will allow state troopers to pull over migrants who could be potentially infected with coronavirus and sen...

Hannity torches Biden’s push to turn the page on Afghanistan crisis as Americans, allies remain trapped

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"Joe Biden, he now claims that he is officially turned the page on Afghanistan, neem, Ek dink, a victory lap," Het Hannity gesê. "What an insulting thing to say. He's not lifting a finger to help our fellow Americans ...

‘Ruthlesspodcast torches Caitlyn Jenner for bailing on interview: ‘Scam campaign

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On Thursday's episode, the co-hosts began by revealing to listeners that they were supposed to interview the reality TV star-turned-politician on Wednesday but that when they launched the Zoom session, she never show...

Trey Gowdy torches ‘hypocrisy’ of the NFL funding anti-cop groups: ‘Get rid of your own referees

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The NFL's "Inspire Change" initiative has funded a variety of social justice groups, which include the Vera Institute of Justice, the Oregon Justice Resource Center and the Community Justice Exchange. All three of th...

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