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‘Ruthlesspodcast torches Caitlyn Jenner for bailing on interview: ‘Scam campaign

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On Thursday's episode, the co-hosts began by revealing to listeners that they were supposed to interview the reality TV star-turned-politician on Wednesday but that when they launched the Zoom session, she never show...

Adam Carolla torches comedy industry for becoming ‘popularity contest

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"Vir een of ander rede, comedy used to be a counter-culture thing, used to push back against the man. … At some point comedy turned into a popularity contest when it used to be a contest of who can make the most people thi...

Wetsontwerpe’ Josh Allen torches Chiefs for 4 touchdowns in big win

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Allen was 15-for-26 with 315 passing yards and three touchdown passes. He also had 59 jaag erwe verder 11 dra, including an impressive hurdle in the third quarter. He finished with a season-high 139.1 passer rati...

Buck Sexton torches ‘patheticcriticism of Democrat Sinema: ‘The goal here isn’t voting rights

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SCHUMER VOWS TO TURN UP HEAT ON GOP ON VOTING RIGHTS, RISKS EXPOSING MODERATE DEMS ON FILIBUSTER BUCK SEXTON: This is absurd. It's just emotions in place of an argument here when it comes to actual voting protections...

Clay Travis fakkels 'Squad’ lid Cori Bush se twiet op 4 Julie: Amerika is 'uiteindelike baken van vryheid’

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TOMI LAHREN ONDERSIEN LID VAN 'DIE SQUAD' OM DIE VIERDE VAN JULI-KLEI-TRAVIS TE BAS: Kongreslid Bush, sy maak $ 175,000 'n jaar om mense regoor Amerika te verteenwoordig op grond van belastingbetalersgeld. Ek weet nie ver ...

Columbia Journal Review torches NYT, CNN for roles they played in creating the ‘Cuomo myth

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Cuomo will officially resign on Tuesday following the political turmoil he faced in the fallout of the explosive report released by New York Attorney General Letitia James that outlined sexual harassment allegations ...

Concha torches Chris Cuomo: ‘Resign from CNN and go work for the Democratic Party

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ALBANY DA CONFIRMS CUOMO CRIMINAL PROBE, CALLS FOR ACCUSERS TO 'PLEASE REACH OUT' JOE CONCHA: He should not have been on the air last night, that being Chris Cuomo. They should have put somebody in there that resembl...

Dan Bongino fakkels 'linkse logika’ op die polisie: Hulle glo dat stereotipering van cops OK is

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NYC TIMES Vierkantige skiet stuur meisie, 4, TWEE ANDER AAN HOSPITAAL; POLISIESOEK NA VERDAG DAN BONGINO: As u links is - nie noodwendig 'n demokraat nie. Baie demokrate besef dat die polisieding 'n skending is..

Dan Bongino torches Democrats as ‘communist appeasers

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EN BONGINO: Why won’t the Democrats call these thugs out? These communist thugs in Cuba…why can’t they speak with a unified voice? Why did it take them days to utter the words communism and avoid it the whole time? ...

Florida AG torches Biden’s ‘disastrousimmigration policy: ‘No longer a nation under rule of law

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SURGE OF MIGRANTS CROSSING INTO US CREATES LOGISTICS NIGHTMARE FOR BORDER AGENTS ASHLEY MOODY: Absoluut, you are seeing calamitous, disastrous effects of this administration's policies. Jy weet, someone should ask...

Florida student torches colleges‘draconianCOVID policies, warns ‘surveillance state is taking root

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Jacobson appeared on "jakkals & Vriende eers" on Tuesday to discuss the ongoing trend, reiterating the COVID-related policies are simply about control as opposed to safety. "This is just the perfect example of how ...

French Toast: France torches Australia, US over submarine deal as ambassador recalled

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Jean-Pierre Thebault delivered his comments as he left his residence in the pandemic locked down capital of Canberra. "This has been a huge mistake, a very, very bad handling of the partnership," Thebault said, verduidelik ...

GOP lawmaker torches ‘Squadmember’s ‘ridiculous, afgryslik’ push to defund Border Patrol

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'SQUAD' DEM TLAIB ROEP VIR DIE FINANSIERING VAN ICE, CBP, DHS, CLAIMS THEY ‘TERRORIZE’ MIGRANTS LISA McCLAIN: What is happening today is completely ridiculous and it's appalling. The Squad is spewing this rhetoric. And if y...

Gregg Jarrett torches Chris, Andrew Cuomo ‘yucking it upon TV as ‘disgracefuland ‘nauseating

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GREGG JARRETT: The clips you just played of Andrew and Chris Cuomo together in this Abbott and Costello routine is really disgraceful – it’s nauseating, it’s shameful for a journalist to be doing that. Think about w...

Hannity torches ‘delusionalWH chief of staff for touting Afghanistan success: Is he ‘this much of an idiot?’

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Klein, who feverishly retweeted praise for Biden, and admiration from media allies, during the Afghanistan crisis, spoke to MSNBC on Tuesday. "It's easy to second-guess but let's just be clear," hy het gesê. "America was...

Hannity steek Biden aan die brand ná die verhoor van die senaat in 'n bom: almal wat getuig het, het gesê hy lieg

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Die kommentaar van Hannity kom op die hakke van 'n senaatverhoor met militêre leiers oor die hantering van die Biden -administrasie van die krisis in Afghanistan, wat bondgenote gestrand gelaat het en groter gevaar in die ...

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