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Newt Gingrich blasts Kamala Harris on ‘America’s Newsroom’: ‘Totally unfitto be vice president

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'THE FIVE' RIPS KAMALA HARRIS'S CAPITOL RIOT-PEARL HARBOR PARISON: 'THAT WAS AMATEUR HOUR' NEWT GINGRICH: Her speech yesterday where she compared January 6 to Pearl Harbor and 9/11 I think proved that California educ...

Newt Gingrich: Nancy Pelosi ‘failed so totally’ to shield Capitol from Jan. 6 alborotadores

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Gingrich claimed Pelosi failed her Capitol Hill colleagues, telling Fox News host Laura Ingraham that the lawmaker from San Francisco should have made sure there would be adequate police protection when members of Co...

Bride delivers vows to her new stepson at wedding: ‘He totally wasn’t expecting it

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Vanessa Lynch married her husband Craig on Dec. 11, 2021, but before they said their "I do’s," Lynch made sure to let her soon-to-be stepson know that she’s committing herself to him as well. The emotional moment was...

Nevada Rep. Titus says she ‘totally got f—ed’ by fellow Dems in redistricting

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Reps. Dina Titus, D-Nev., made the comment while speaking at an AFL-CIO town hall meeting on Wednesday, noting her frustration with Democratic Gov. Steve Sisilak and the blue Nevada legislature. The Democrats in the S...

Gobernador. DeSantis se une a estudiante de segundo grado de Florida suspendido por negarse a usar máscara: 'Totalmente inaceptable’

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Fiona, acompañado por el gobernador de Florida, Ron DeSantis, dicho en "zorro & Amigos" que a ella no le gusta llevar mascarilla. FLORIDA REPRESENTÓ AYUDA FEDERAL A LAS ESCUELAS CON MANDATOS DE MÁSCARA, DESAFÍO DE LA ADVERTENCIA BIDEN "No estoy usando una m ...

Clay Travis va tras el especial de Netflix de Colin Kaepernick: Está claro que su cerebro está "totalmente roto’

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Kaepernick liberado "Colin de negro & blanco" que exploró la vida de la ex estrella de la NFL desde la escuela secundaria hasta los eventos que supuestamente lo llevaron a convertirse en un defensor de la justicia social. Un clip viral mostró a Kaeper ...

Mike Pence critica la propuesta de Biden de pagar millones a las familias migrantes: 'Totalmente inaceptable’

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"Por supuesto, toda su política en la frontera sur ha sido un desastre desde el primer día y es notable pensar que bajo nuestra administración, construimos 400 miles of border wall and literally by implementing what ...

Newt Gingrich: Joe Biden’s White House is totally out of touch with reality

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NEWT GINGRICH: Ellos [Biden administration] aren’t interested in controlling the border which is a huge issue for Americans. They are uninterested in the rise in murders which is a big issue for Americans, you could g...

Suni Lee shares her totally relatable response to seeing her childhood idol Justin Bieber

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Olympic gymnast Suni Lee recently had a chance to meet her childhood idol Justin Bieber but walked away. The gold medalist had the opportunity earlier this month at the Met Gala, and says she regrets not taking it n...

This Republican congressman went totally rogue as he tried to get into Afghanistan

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It's like the plot of a (malo) thriller movie. A congressman embarks on a secret mission to rescue five American citizens, demanding a huge sum of cash from an ambassador -- inmediatamente! -- to make it all work. Truth...

Lara Trump hammers MSNBC’s ‘totally ridiculousop-ed comparing Taliban to pro-life Republicans

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MSNBC OPINION PIECE PARES REPUBLICANS TO TALIBAN LARA TRUMP: It sounds totally ridiculous. Let me just remind people that the Taliban is a barbaric terrorist organization who treats women as second-class citizens, su...

Vivek Ramaswamy calls out Kamala Harrissilence on Afghan women: ‘She’s totally lost

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KAMALA HARRIS PLANS VIETNAM VISIT – JUST AS AFGHANISTAN DRAWS PARISONS TO FALL OF SAIGON VIVEK RAMASWAMY: There are women being shot in the street for not wearing a burka by the Taliban. And we have the first woman [...

Ex trabajador de Keystone critica a WH por suplicarle a la OPEP: "Algo totalmente mal’ con el administrador de Biden

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"Allí [son] miles de familias sufriendo por ahí," Bugsy Allen dijo "Sala de prensa de Estados Unidos" jueves. "Hay algo que está totalmente mal con esta administración." Allen mencionó que durante los últimos meses..

Brooks Nader talks about people hating on her sexy style: ‘I’m totally going to do it again

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The 25-year-old Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model opened up about the sheer dress she wore to the 2019 SI Sportsperson of the Year Awards during an interview published Friday by Page Six Style. "When I wore my first ...

Republicans push back against Nancy Pelosi’s mask-wearing orders: ‘She has gone totally nuts

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NANCY MACE: Nancy Pelosi is totally off the rails, quiero decir, to advise the Capitol Hill police that staff and visitors to Capitol Hill will be arrested for not wearing a mask. She has gone totally nuts on this thing. A...

Former San Francisco mayoral candidate on crime surge: City totally controlled by ‘left-wing idealogues

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"I called this even years ago, but now we see this is all coming to fruition. It's astounding," Greenberg said. "It's completely unacceptable." The Justice Department acknowledged this trend of rising crime across th...

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