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Mayorkas announces 212,672 migrant encounters in July, says border is ‘one of the toughest challenges we face

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Mayorkas, in a visit to the border in Texas, het gesê dat 212,672 migrants were encountered at the southern border in July, a 13% increase over the already massive 188,000 migrant encounters in June. In Julie 2020, daar...

Martha MacCallum reveals the story behind one of her toughest interviews

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TREY GOWDY: Is there an interview you've done that you think back on and thought, "That did not go the way I had wanted it to go"? MARTHA MACCALLUM: Wel, it's interesting, jy weet, sometimes you have a lot of time ...

Candace Cameron Bure skiet 'The View' af’ terugkeer, noem mede-gasheer stint 'een van die moeilikste werke’ sy gehad het

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Die aktrise het onlangs op die gewilde daggeselsprogram se podcast verskyn "Agter die Tafel," wat verskynings van vorige en huidige mede-gashere bevat. Tydens haar verskyning, die "Voltal" aluin besin oor haar ti ...

Mars Ingenuity helicopter completes its toughest flight yet

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Ingenuity, the helicopter that accompanied the Perseverance rover on its Mars mission, has undertaken its ninth and "most nerve-wracking" flight since it first took off on the red planet. Although we don't have the ...

Brutal beauty: Is artistic swimming Tokyo’s toughest sport?

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Focused as they were on preparing for the Rio Olympics in 2016, none of Thompson’s teammates — including one who would head to Rio with a broken toe — initially even noticed. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . ...

America’s toughest soldiers compete in annual 62-hour ‘Best Ranger’ competition

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The three-part documentary series records the three-day-long physical battle between soldiers. Two-man teams compete for 62 hours straight while carrying 75 pounds on their backs and maneuvering 70 miles of obstacles...

Tennis legend John McEnroe to face his toughest opponent yet – himself

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Michelob ULTRA invited the four-time U.S. Open champion to "celebrate his joy" and to look back at his career accomplishments. McEnroe will go head-to-head against five different versions of himself – in 1979 when he...

NFL schedule 2022: 3 teams with the toughest matchups

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The winning percentages for the opponents of the top three teams with the toughest schedules are about 54%. The Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals were both in the Super Bowl last season but making it back there...

Britain’s new prime minister, Liz Truss, is a political shape-shifter. Now she’s set for her toughest transformation yet

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London Liz Truss, the next prime minister of the United Kingdom, is a political chameleon who has gone from a radical who called for the abolition of the monarchy to a flag-bearer of the Euroskeptic right wing of the...