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American Hockey League suspends player for 30 games for racist gesture toward Black player

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The American Hockey League (AHL) on Friday suspended San Jose Barracuda forward Krystof Hrabik for 30 games for directing a racist gesture toward Boko Imama of the Tucson Roadrunners during a game earlier this month...

US ‘sleepwalkingtoward new ‘Cuban Missile Crisiswith Kremlin that could harm homeland: Russia expert

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オン "タッカーカールソン今夜," host Tucker Carlson implicated media figures in what he said was cheering on a potential conflict with a rival nation that has a 4,000-strong nuclear weapons arsenal. Carlson criticized J...

Pistons’ Cade Cunningham ejected after poster dunk, pointing toward bench

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A reverse slam that led to the first-year guard pointing at his victim — resulting in his second technical foul of the game and an early shower. その他のスポーツ報道については、ここをクリックしてください . Detroit Pistons' Cade ...

Former AOC aide: ‘Old as s–t, ineffectiveBiden could lead Dems toward 1992-style election turmoil

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No Excuses PAC founder Corbin Trent told Fox News on Friday that he and others believe the economy and general state of the country are more positive than it appears and that part of the problem is communication on t...

ワイオミングのトルーパーは、氷の状態で彼に向かって気を配っているSUVの邪魔にならないように飛び込みます, ビデオショー

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18輪車が極寒の状況でズームしている間、警官はパトカーに戻って歩いているのを見ることができます. 渋滞の原因となる冬の天候, 米国東部での事故数秒後, 警官はSUVのケアリングトウを見つけます。.

Out-of-control rocket stage is tumbling toward Earth

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CNNのワンダーセオリーサイエンスニュースレターにサインアップする. 魅力的な発見に関するニュースで宇宙を探索, 科学的進歩など. Space experts are tracking a Russian rocket part that is set to make ...

Biden showing ‘religious hostilitytoward SEALs at center of vax mandate suit: Attorney

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Michael Berry, an Afghan war veteran and general counsel for First Liberty Institute, 言った "物語" in an exclusive interview that the written decision from the George W. Bush-appointed judge in the case was a pow...

ラリーエルダー: ヒスパニックの有権者が共和党にシフトし、米国の政治における「大地震」

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ワッターズ氏は、有権者がバイデンを米国のせいにし始めていると述べた. 経済的闘争, アメリカ人と経済での彼のパフォーマンスを1970年代の民主党のジミーカーターのパフォーマンスと比較しました. 犯罪, 外交政策とU ...

Tigrayan forces pull out of neighboring Ethiopian regions in step toward possible ceasefire

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The leader of Ethiopia's northern Tigray region announced a withdrawal of rebel forces from neighboring areas in the country on Sunday, a move that could signal the possibility of a ceasefire after 13 months of war....

'法律 & 注文’ 女優は、クリス・ノースが「性的に不適切だった」と主張しています’ セットで彼女に向かって

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リスタージョーンズは、木曜日の夜遅くに彼女のInstagramストーリーで、ノースは一度だけだと主張しました "私に近づいた, 私の首を嗅ぎ、「いい匂いがする」とささやいた。" 彼女はまた、Nothがかつてセットで酔っていて、 "22-オンス ...


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そして大統領のために, この旅行は、彼が深いルーツを持っており、その間にホワイトハウスを勝ち取るために彼を跳ね返した状態への一種の帰郷です 2020 運動. 彼がサウスキャロリンに戻ったとどのように感じたか尋ねた。.

House moves toward vote on Meadows contempt referral

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All members of the panel — seven Democrats and two Republicans — voted 9-0 in favor of prosecution for Meadows. 1月. 6 MITTEE VOTES TO REMEND MARK MEADOWS FOR PROSECUTION The next step in the process of holding Mead...

Hispanic voters shift toward Republicans, now split evenly between both parties: 投票

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A new poll from The Wall Street Journal found that Hispanic voters are now split between Republicans and Democrats on the generic ballot at 37%. A further 22% responded that they were undecided. "Latinos are more and...

Morikawa pulls away in Bahamas, takes big step toward No. 1

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Morikawa carved up Albany Golf Club to build a five-shot lead Saturday over Brooks Koepka, and too many pursuers faded from contention with a series of mistakes that only made another victory look inevitable for Mori...

テッド・クルーズ: ロー対ウェイド事件. Wade decision started Supreme Court’s shift toward politics

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SOTOMAYOR PARWS FETUS TO BRAIN-DEAD PERSON, SAYS FETAL MOVEMENT DOESN’T PROVE CONSCIOUSNESS’ SEN. テッド・クルーズ: "上手, 聴く, unfortunately with the left, when it comes to abortion, they’ve gotten more and more radical....

New ad features abortion survivor as Supreme Court heads toward oral arguments in Dobbs

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Launched this week, the ad features Amy Miles saying, "As somebody who survived an abortion, I would want to tell the Supreme Court that my life mattered." The ad, which will run through next week on broadcast and c...

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