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'Reporte especial’ director del Nacional..

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(COMENZAR EL VIDEO CLIP)director del Nacional.., director del Nacional..: director del Nacional.., director del Nacional... director del Nacional.., director del Nacional.., la...

House Republicans ask HHS for records of all taxpayer dollars directed towards migrant children

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"This catastrophe of illegal immigration is one of the administration’s making, and now it is up to all of us to work together to ensure the safety and welfare of U.S. los ciudadanos," the letter to HHS Secretary Xavier Be...

The UAE takes steps towards modernization by decriminalizing alcohol and suicide

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The United Arab Emirates has introduced a slew of reforms on personal status and penal laws as part of a years-long bid to modernize the Gulf state and promote a progressive brand of Islam. El fin de semana, the oil...

Former Obama official hits Biden for ‘reactive responseto Putin’s actions towards Ukraine

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Brett Bruen, who served as director of global engagement in the Obama White House and a foreign service officer in the State Department, penned an opinion piece in NPR about effectively turning the tables on Putin. W ...

Elsa latest: Tropical storm heads towards Florida Keys after thrashing Cuba, Caribbean

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The National Weather Service took to Twitter for a 2 soy. ET public advisory, alerting that conditions are "beginning to deteriorate" across the Keys. South Florida has already been impacted by the storm, and work co...

Biden economic advisor won’t say if US headed towards recession: ‘You can never rule anything out

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During an appearance on CNN's "Nuevo día," he stated, "You can never rule anything out," as host Brianna Keilar pressed him on the subject and noted Americans weren't feeling good about the economy. White Hou...

Honduras se prepara para una mujer presidenta mientras el izquierdista Castro avanza hacia la victoria

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Tegucigalpa, Honduras La candidata presidencial hondureña Xiomara Castro se encamina a una victoria aplastante en las elecciones del domingo, declarando la victoria mientras los partidarios bailaban fuera de sus oficinas para celebrar el regreso de la izquierda al poder ...

UK ‘leaning towardsmandatory Covid vaccines for health care workers

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UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid is "leaning towards" requiring staff in the National Health Service (NHS) to be vaccinated against Covid-19, he said Monday. "Those fantastic people working in the NHS, they are natu...

Seattle-area woman agrees to sell home, move after alleged racial outbursts and threats towards neighbor

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As per the agreement, Jan Myers, quien es blanco, is expected to sell her home in Shoreline, Washington, about nine miles from downtown Seattle, within the next six months and pay the victim, Thi Pham, who is Vietnamese...

Germany’s soft stance on Russian aggression towards Ukraine concerns NATO allies

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Los Estados Unidos. and U.K. over the past few weeks revealed critical information regarding Russia’s plans, including the intention to run a "false-flag operation" in Ukraine to justify invasion along with plans to install a p...

Su. Algodón: Nike’s message towards genocide in China is ‘Just Do It

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"I guess Nike's attitude towards genocide in China is ‘just too it,"" Cotton told "Horario estelar de Fox News" host Jesse Watters, referencing the company's well-known slogan. NIKE IS A BRAND ‘OF CHINA AND FOR CHINA:' CEO D...

Ted Cruz advierte que la maldad demócrata hacia Manchin podría ser contraproducente: "Le daríamos la bienvenida’ en el Partido Republicano

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"Creo que la decisión de Joe fue la correcta.. Creo que es un gran problema," Cruz dijo a Fox News el lunes en el AmericaFest de Turning Point USA en Phoenix. "El proyecto de ley Build Back Broke fue un desastre. Era un tren con ....

Tom Cotton on Iranian aggression towards US Navy: Joe Biden seems to be ‘trying to surrender

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ALGODÓN TOM: I’m worried things are headed in a very dangerous direction. Joe Biden seems to be trying to surrender to the Ayatollahs in Vienna over negotiations with the nuclear plan, but I’m not sure the Ayatollahs ...

NYT columnist Paul Krugman predicts ‘violencetowards mask wearers after mandate lift

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NOSOTROS. District Court Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle struck down the federal mask mandate for airlines. Videos soon emerged of passengers cheering the end of the mandate during their flights, however several liberals an...

Cricketer Gary Ballance admits using racial slur towards former Yorkshire teammate Azeem Rafiq

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Cricketer Gary Ballance has admitted that he used a racial slur towards ex-Yorkshire teammate Azeem Rafiq and that he regrets doing so. Ballance, quien jugo 23 test matches for England between 2014 y 2017, La estrella y orgulloso Christian le dijo a Fox News Digital que dar un ejemplo positivo como padre ayuda mucho.

El exjefe de policía de Detroit da un paso hacia la candidatura republicana a gobernador en Michigan

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"Voy a abrir un comité exploratorio para ayudarme a pensar en una candidatura a gobernador del estado de Michigan.," Craig dijo en un video estilo campaña. "Se trata de liderar desde el frente, mantener a la gente segura, el cual es un...

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