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Why Olympic divers take showersand use those tiny towelsbetween dives

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Viewers of the Tokyo Olympics are apparently a little baffled by the behavior of athletes in the diving events. Divers typically emerge from the water after a plunge and immediately take a quick shower by the side ...

Nick Kyrgios throws tantrum at US Open over towels: ‘It’s just absurd for me

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Kyrgios, who’s known for bad behavior on the court, had a testy exchange with chair umpire Carlos Bernardes during the match. Bernardes asked Kyrgios to put his used towels close to the bins, secondo ESPN. L'A...

Quanto spesso dovresti lavare gli asciugamani??

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Non c'è niente come avvolgersi in un soffice, asciugamano caldo dopo una doccia o un bagno caldo. Dopo essersi asciugati, tuttavia, anche l'asciugamano si bagna. Ora è la casa perfetta per i germi. Spero che tu stia appeso ...