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Michigan governor declares state of emergency after powerful tornado rips through town, doodmaak 1 person and injuring more than 40

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A powerful tornado killed one person Friday as it ripped roofs off buildings and flipped cars in a northern Michigan town, prompting the governor to declare a state of emergency for the area. The twister also injur...

Ukrainian town defies the Russians as residents come home and vow, 'Ons sal wen’

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Officials say over 450 residents were murdered in cold blood by Russian forces, and many more were injured. Others are terrorized and forced to live in basements to save their skins during the five-week Russian post-...

A Canadian town is under evacuation after breakaway ice causes flooding

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An evacuation order is in place for a Canadian town in the Northwest Territories due to heavy flooding. Residents of Hay River, on the south side of Great Slave Lake, have been ordered to leave and find shelter, akk ...

Crawley Town FC manager John Yems out after allegations he used discriminatory language

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Crawley Town FC manager John Yems is no longer with the club following allegations of using discriminatory language and behavior toward players, the League Two club announced on Friday. "We're looking forward to the...

Majority-Black town reaches agreement with Tennessee to avoid state takeover

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The town of Mason, Tennessee, and the NAACP reached an agreement this week with the Tennessee Comptroller's Office to settle a lawsuit filed after the state attempted to gain financial control of the majority-Black ...

Drone footage shows how Russians destroyed one Ukrainian town in savage battle

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A 22-minute video shot by a surveillance drone over the Ukrainian town of Popasna has illustrated the stunning destruction being inflicted on settlements across the eastern regions of Luhansk and Donetsk. It's also...

A man was charged with hate crimes after allegedly making racist threats, leaving nooses around Michigan town

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In the aftermath of George Floyd's killing, several nooses were left around Saginaw, Michigan. Nearly two years later, a man is facing federal hate crime charges for it, the Justice Department says. Kenneth David Pi...

Residents of majority-Black town face ultimatums and takeover if they don’t pay off their debt

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The tug of war between a majority-Black town in Tennessee and state officials is intensifying as the state comptroller's office has given the town an ultimatum: Fix the town's financial troubles or the county will t...

‘We will stay here. We will fight’: The women in a sleepy border town refusing to leave Ukraine

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Solotvyno, Ukraine In the first moments of respite since fleeing her home, Lilya Solodovnik watches her pigtailed 6-year-old, Lena, rocking on a blue plastic pony. Their home city of Kharkiv has been pummeled by Rus...

Shelling reported in coastal town of Mykolaiv as Russians push toward Odesa

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Russian forces reportedly began targeting the coastal town, which is near the city of Odesa, and hitting civilian areas, according to a post from local politician Vitaly Kim on Telegram. Natali Sevriukova r...

Ukrainian town shows significant damage after shelling

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The Ukrainian government agency shared the images on its Telegram channel on early Friday morning and wrote that six people were injured in the shelling, and one person died. versoek Biden om MiG's te stuur: LEEF OPDATE ...

Massive black bear breaks into California home, continues to make appearances throughout town

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For over half a year, a large black bear has been appearing around South Lake Tahoe. Over that time period, the bear has broken into 28 homes and has caused property damage in a total of 33 gevalle. Nicknamed Hank th...

California town mixes up Russian fighter jet and USAF jet to promote Super Bowl flyover

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"Net voor 3:30 P.M., the @usairforce will flyover #SantaMonica and #Malibu in preparation for the National Anthem performance for #Superbowl at SoFi Stadium," the city’s official Twitter account posted along with ...

Los Angeles wil hawelose krisis wegsteek soos Super Bowl nader

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Los Angeles wil hawelose krisis wegsteek soos Super Bowl nader, Los Angeles wil hawelose krisis wegsteek soos Super Bowl nader 2020 Los Angeles wil hawelose krisis wegsteek soos Super Bowl nader, Los Angeles wil hawelose krisis wegsteek soos Super Bowl nader.

Former Rams great Eric Dickerson insists LA ‘is a Raider town

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"This is a Raider town," Dickerson told USA Today Sports. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . WESTWOOD, DAARDIE - JULY 17: Eric Dickerson attends Monster Energy Outbreak Presents $ 50K Charity Challenge Cel...

Montage: Biden praises reporters as ‘bright as hell,’ ‘the smartest group of people in town

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During his lengthy press conference last week, Biden asked the media a rhetorical question about his predecessor Donald Trump, wondering if journalists could imagine a time in the past where a figure could "intimidat...

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