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Hurricane Ida Recovery: Louisiana mayor says government levee system was disastrous for his town

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A levee system the federal government built after Hurricane Katrina helped destroy a small Louisiana town, according to the community's mayor. The system was intended to safeguard New Orleans during severe weather. B.。.


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インド国境近くのミャンマーの町の人口のほとんどは、軍事政権に反対する民兵と軍隊との間の戦いの中で、建物が大砲によって炎上した後、逃げてきました, 居住者によると。.

Famously haunted town in England begs ghost hunters to stop littering

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A town famous for being supposedly one of the most haunted town is having a problem with its visitors. The issue isn’t with the spirits, しかしながら. It’s the still-living guests that are causing issues. Pluckl...

この小さなルイジアナの町の住民は、「何時間もの苦痛」について説明しています’ ハリケーンアイダがガルフコーストを襲ったとき

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ラプラス, ラプラスのルイジアナ州の住民は、ハリケーンIdaの激しい風がルイジアナ州の町を吹き抜ける中、何時間にもわたる強風と水位上昇に耐えました。. イーダは日曜日にガルフコーストを非難した, 少なくとも1人を残します。.

Drought-stricken California town to tourists: ‘Please conserve

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Hotels have closed their lobby bathrooms and residents have stopped watering their gardens in the foggy outpost about 150 マイル (240 キロメートル) north of San Francisco after two years of little rain sapped many of th...

Texas border town doctor pleads with Biden: Halt ‘grossly irresponsiblepolicies until COVID surge contained

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Many in mainstream media claim the surge in COVID cases across the country can't be tied to the southern border. A Washington Post analysis claimed we can be "confident that the surge in coronavirus cases isn't the f...

Northern California town burns to ashes in devastating wildfire

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今, it's ashes. As hot, bone-dry, gusty weather hit California, the state's largest current wildfire raged through the Gold Rush-era Sierra Nevada community of about 1,000, incinerating much of the downtown that inc...

Highly venomous cobra snake missing in Texas town, police warn

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The Grand Prairie Police in Grand Prairie, テキサス, said Wednesday that a West African Banded Cobra went missing on Tuesday evening. According to officials, the State of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has granted...


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ディキシーファイア, 乾燥した植生と時速40マイルの突風によって腫れ, 水曜日の夕方、ネバダ州シエラネバダ山脈北部の町グリーンビルを激怒した. ガソリンスタンド, ホテルとバーは、に内臓された多くの建造物の中にありました。.

The town where thousands of US-bound migrants came to a standstill

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Necocli, Colombia They travelled by the thousands to arrive here from Haiti, Venezuela, Chile, ブラジル, and even further, from Ghana, Mali and Togo. Now they're stuck. Migrants start lining up on the beach of Necoclí...


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ジェイコビー, スワードの高校3年生に戻る17歳, 水泳でオリンピックに出場した最初のアラスカ人でした. その他のスポーツ報道については、ここをクリックしてください . "私たちは期待していた。.

ジョーコンチャは「ビッグガイ’ ジョー・バイデンは、「偽物」に対するインフレ懸念を軽視してくれました。’ ネットワークCNNのタウンホール

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彼は大統領執務室の大物です, ハンターバイデンの元ビジネスパートナーであるトニーボブリンスキーからCNNタウンホールモデレーターのドンレモンまで、誰もが言っています. しかし、中小企業、特にレストランに。.

イングラム: Biden’s CNN town hall was a ‘pathetic exercise of fawning and futility

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Ingraham argued on Thursday's "イングラハムアングル" that Americans witnessed the leader of our nation "embarrass himself with a combination of lies, obfuscation and purposeful ignorance." "Wednesday's CNN town hall wi...

Sean Hannity picks apart Biden’s performance at CNN town hall; calls it a ‘unmitigated disaster

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"Many of Joe’s answers were completely incomprehensible," 彼は言った. "At times no one seemed to know what the hell Joe was even talking about. Not even Don Lemon, not the audience, not even Joe himself." Hannity spotli...

CNN medical analyst ‘disappointedby Biden’s COVID town hall: He ‘led people astray

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Discussing the CNN town hall with a panel immediately following the event, Wen felt Biden wasn't "meeting the realities of what's happening on the ground" concerning the virus, that some of his answers to questions w...

Massachusetts town COVID-19 outbreak infects over 250

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Local health officials noted 256 confirmed cases linked to a cluster in Provincetown, と 190 infections among state residents, 109 of which involve people in the surrounding Barnstable County, with the remainder of...

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