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Virginia AG Jason Miyares: There’s a new sheriff in town

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VIRGINIA’S NEW AG JASON MIYARES ANNOUNCES MAJOR INVESTIGATIONS WITHIN HOURS OF TAKING OFFICE AG JASON MIYARES: "The message is: there’s a new sheriff in town. And what we saw in Virginia, and a big reason why we won ...

Fish rain on Texas town, sparking local officials to speak out: ‘This isn’t a joke

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The City of Texarkana posted about the incident on its Facebook page, where it joked about how the year was ending by "pulling out all the tricks." The post was accompanied by a picture of a fish in the middle of a g...

Fire breaks out at South Africa’s parliament in Cape Town

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A large fire broke out at South Africa's parliament in Cape Town on Sunday, with images from the scene showing flames shooting through the roof of a building. Dozens of firefighters were at the scene battling the bl...

It rained fish over a Texas town this week in a bizarre weather event

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It's raining fish in east Texas -- but it's nothing too out of the ordinary. Vroeër hierdie week, residents of Texarkana reported small fish falling from the sky in what seemed like an epochal weather event. The real...

Chevy Chase works fast food drive-thru in South Carolina while in town for ‘Christmas Vacationscreening

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Customers visiting the drive-thru at a Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers restaurant in South Carolina were surprised when they got to the window and saw a famous face staring back at them. Actor and comedian Chevy Chase...

Anthony Fauci advises CNN town hall to wear a mask indoors even if fully vaccinated and boosted

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While virtually participating in the town hall focused on the pandemic, Fauci told the audience, in contrast to CDC mask guidance, to wear a mask while congregating with people indoors if they are unsure of everyone ...

New York town grappling with gun violence offers remote schooling option for students

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The school offered the virtual learning option after a shooting last week near the Newburgh Free Academy injured four teenagers between 16 en 18 jaar oud, according to local law enforcement. Newburgh is located on ...

Jesse Watters exposes the goal of Biden’s CNN town hall

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JESSE WATTERS: Not many people were watching Joe Biden’s town hall last night. The ratings were absolutely terrible, which isn’t surprising at all. Joe Biden’s not capable of thinking clearly, and most Americans reco...

Will Cain has questions after the Biden town hall

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SAL SAAK: CNN aired a disastrous town hall with President Biden last night... Joe Biden, Okt. 21: But but but but here's the point, we're in a situation now where if you are in a circumstance that you're not able to ...

Tammy Bruce slams Biden’s ‘shockingCNN town hall: ‘It’s as though he doesn’t know he’s president

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WHITE HOUSE OFFICIALS CLARIFY MULTIPLE BIDEN MENTS MADE DURING LIVE TOWN HALL TAMMY BRUCE: It's still kind of shocking. This is the president of the United States. I was particularly amused, in a concerned kind of wa...

Elise Stefanik sweer Biden vir die bespotting van terugslag op entstofmandate by die CNN-stadsaal: 'On-Amerikaans’

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BIDEN SÊ POLISIEBEAMPTES, EERSTE RESPONDERS MOET AFGEHANK WORD VIR DIE GEWEIERING VAN JAB ELISE STEFANIK: My reaksie is dat dit absoluut absurd is en ongelukkig is dit baie tipies van Joe Biden en die Biden-administrasie om A...

Hoe om CNN se stadsaal saam met president Joe Biden te kyk

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President Joe Biden sal Donderdag in Baltimore aan 'n CNN-stadsaal deelneem, waar hy vrae sal beantwoord terwyl sy administrasie voortgaan om sy ambisieuse wetgewende agenda aan lede van die Kongres en die nasie te verkoop..

Orkaan Ida herstel: Louisiana se burgemeester sê die regering se walstelsel was rampspoedig vir sy dorp

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'n Dijkstelsel wat die federale regering na die orkaan Katrina gebou het, het gehelp om 'n klein dorpie in Louisiana te vernietig, volgens die gemeenskap se burgemeester. Die stelsel was bedoel om New Orleans tydens gure weer te beskerm. B..

Myanmar dorp naby Indië grens sien uittog as duisende vlug veg

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Die meeste van die bevolking van 'n Mianmarse dorp naby die Indiese grens het gevlug nadat geboue deur artillerie aan die brand gesteek is te midde van gevegte tussen burgermagte wat gekant was teen militêre bewind en die weermag, volgens inwoner...

Beroemde spookdorp in Engeland smeek spookjagters om op te hou rommel strooi

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'n Dorp wat bekend is daarvoor dat dit kwansuis een van die mees spookagtige dorpe is, het 'n probleem met sy besoekers. Die probleem is nie by die geeste nie, egter. Dit is die nog lewende gaste wat probleme veroorsaak. Pluk...

Inwoners van hierdie klein dorpie in Louisiana beskryf 'ure se pyn'’ terwyl orkaan Ida die Golfkus toegeslaan het

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LaPlace, Inwoners van Louisiana van LaPlace het ure se harde wind en stygende water verduur terwyl orkaan Ida se hewige winde deur die stad Louisiana gewaai het. Ida het die Golfkus Sondag toegeslaan, laat ten minste een persoon agter ...