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Karl-Anthony Towns has tested positive for Covid-19, as the NBA’s postponed games list grows

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After already losing seven family members to Covid-19, the Minnesota Timberwolves' Karl-Anthony Towns has tested positive for the coronavirus. Towns made the announcement on his social media, saying he received the ...

Cops discover an illegal winery operating out of an Alabama town’s sewage plant

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Authorities say they've busted a large illegal winery operating out of a wastewater treatment plant in a small Alabama town. It happened in the town of Rainsville, home to around 5,000 people and about 100 miles n...

Die NBA-ster Karl-Anthony Towns sê hy het verloor 7 familielede na Covid-19

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Die Minnesota Timberwolves-ster Karl-Anthony Towns betree sy sesde NBA-seisoen met 'n swaar hart. "Ek het al baie deurgemaak, natuurlik begin met my ma," Towns het Vrydag tydens 'n video-oproep met verslaggewers gesê ....

A White police chief lays out why BLM protests matter in small towns

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Even though there hasn't been a single Black Lives Matter protest in the predominantly White city of Canal Fulton, Ohio, their White police chief wrote an article welcoming them, sê "the Black community needs us...