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Greg Gutfeld: The toxic, media-driven narrative about policing rides again

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SARA SIDNER, CNN, APRIL 12: You may notice that my eyes are very watery, een, that is because they have just, soos, shot a huge amount of gas. It's CS gas. It's really the strongest I have ever had stood in before dur...

Two top CBS execs leave network amid investigation of toxic work culture

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New York (CNN Besigheid)Two top TV executives at CBS (VIAC) have left the network two months after being suspended for allegations that they created a toxic work culture which included racist and misogynistic behavior...

Die goewerneur-generaal van Kanada tree uit nadat werknemers haar beskuldig het dat sy 'n 'giftige' het’ werkplek

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Ottawa Julie Payette, 'n voormalige Kanadese ruimtevaarder en die land se goewerneur-generaal sedertdien 2017, aangekondig dat sy Donderdag sal uittree nadat sy deur huidige en voormalige werknemers daarvan beskuldig is dat hulle 'n "giftig" werk ...

A suspected toxic spill in Russia’s Far East has killed 95% of marine life on the seabed

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A suspected toxic spill along a beach on Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula has killed 95% of marine life on the surrounding seabed, local scientists have said, following a weeks-long campaign to investigate the mysteriou...

Ellen DeGeneres addresses toxic workplace allegations in season premiere

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Ellen DeGeneres returned to the studio for the season premiere of talk show and addressed allegations of a toxic production environment at the daytime series in her opening monologue. Sarcastically calling her summe...

When does a good attitude become toxic positivity?

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Between sleepless nights, diapers and feeding times, having small children at home could leave Priscilla Goins feeling exhausted. She loved her kids, but it was a lot. "I would sometimes say 'I just want a minute t...

Jon Stewart says Congress is abandoning veterans who inhaled toxic burn pit fumes

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Jon Stewart, the former host of "The Daily Show," is back in Washington, DC, pushing a bill to help sick veterans. Stewart joined Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, Demokratiese Rep. Raul Ruiz of Californ...