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Nebraska football putting balloon tradition on hold due to helium shortage

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El lunes, University of Nebraska athletic director Trev Alberts announced the tradition will end at Memorial Stadium during the 2022 football season. Head coach Scott Frost of the Nebraska Cornhuskers wit...

Situado, una larga tradición americana, ya no es una sentencia de muerte política

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LBJ mintió diciendo "no estamos dispuestos a enviar a los niños estadounidenses a nueve o diez mil millas de distancia de sus hogares para que hagan lo que los niños asiáticos deberían hacer por sí mismos." – antes de tropezar con Vietnam. Richard Nixon mintió sobre ...

World Down Syndrome Day: How ‘eye-catchingsocks became a tradition

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Ya que 2013, the tradition has been practiced on March 21 to show support for people with Down syndrome and spark conversation with people who don’t know about the awareness day. How did socks become a World Down Synd...

Chicago’s green river tradition has a surprising connection to soda brand: reporte

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While Chicagoans and tourists have long been familiar with the tradition, few realize there’s a connection between the green Chicago River and Green River Soda, according to Eater Chicago, a food news website. ST. PAG...

Return of a St. Patrick’s Day tradition in Chicago brings cheer and a green river

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Chicagoans were happy to welcome back a beloved tradition this weekend as the city celebrated St. Patrick's Day by once again dying its river green and holding its first St. Patrick's Day parade in three years. los ...

It’s time to end the ‘spring forwardand ‘fall backtired tradition

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Senator Edward J. Markey is the junior senator from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Senator Marco Rubio is the senior senator from Florida. The views expressed in this commentary are their own. Read more opinion a...

Joel McHale gushes about ‘wonderful tradition’ de 2022 Super Bowl ‘holiday’: ‘We created that sport

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"We created that sport," McHale told Fox News Digital while discussing his Super Bowl ad with Planters. "It's become this wonderful tradition, this kind of holiday, and now it's a worldwide event," él agregó. McHale ...

Zoos continue Valentine’s Day tradition of naming cockroaches, animals after exes and loved ones

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If you’re trying to find a symbolic way to get over a former flame, care to benefit zoo ambassadors or have a Valentine with a ghoulish sense of humor, here are a few wildlife facilities that are hosting name campaig...

Family’s funny Christmas card tradition embraces holiday chaos: ‘What parenting really felt like

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Jonathan and Jessica Stanley began their unique photo tradition in 2014, and each year they’ve created humorous "El presidente también dijo que elegiría a una mujer vicepresidenta" scenes that capture what Christmas chaos looks like. "Shortly after we had our first child w...

Unique Christmas card tradition keeps 2 women connected for 41 años

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Petillo, 64, from New Jersey, y Matthews, 60, from Florida, have been sending the same Christmas card back and forth since 1980, even as they lost touch throughout the years. The unique holiday tradition started w...

Steve Doocy of ‘Fox & Amigos’ reveals a happy Christmas tradition in his family’s household

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The father-and-son team bring readers close to a cherished family tradition at Christmas in the new book — something many of us can identify with in one way or another and totally enjoy. The pair's playful banter ma...

How to make oyster stew, a family holiday tradition of CNN’s Erin Burnett

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En esta serie, Los presentadores de CNN invitan a los espectadores a su cocina, donde comparten recetas y tradiciones familiares con tutoriales, consejos e historias personales. In CNN anchor Erin Burnett's childhood home, Christmas Eve a...

Mom’s ‘red platehack is the heartfelt dinnertime tradition to adopt tonight

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The tradition was started "three or four years ago," Rousell told Fox News. "We started out using a special 'celebration' plate for family birthdays," ella dijo. "Soon we realized that there were other moments, in add...

La tradición italoamericana de los "siete peces" de Nochebuena une la fe y la familia, Fox Nation explora

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Entran los siete peces: la tradición que trae siete variaciones diferentes de mariscos a la mesa de la cena de Nochebuena. En un nuevo especial de Fox Nation, Los invitados italoamericanos a la cena discuten la importancia de la celebración..

Why do we hang Christmas stockings? The history of the holiday tradition

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But where exactly does the holiday tradition come from? According to, hanging stockings comes from a legend about Saint Nicholas. In that legend, Saint Nicholas gave three poor sisters gold coins and dro...

Bidens to revive family’s Nantucket Thanksgiving tradition

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The Bidens are expected this week to revive a longstanding Thanksgiving family tradition that goes back to 1975, opting to spend this year's dinner in Nantucket, Massachusetts. En su 2017 memoria, " Promise Me, Dad...

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