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Bodycam video shows Dayton, Ohio, police officers dragging a Black paraplegic man out of his car during a traffic stop

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A Black paraplegic man from Ohio has filed a complaint with the NAACP after video showed police officers pulling him out of his car by his hair and arms during a traffic stop late last month. "They dragged me to the...

Zebras block traffic in Illinois after escaping pumpkin patch

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A pair of zebras blocked traffic after escaping from a pumpkin patch in Pingree Grove. The duo wandered onto a nearby highway several times and were also spotted wandering around on nearby farmland. The mal...

Alyssa Milano reveals her uncle will require open-heart surgery following traffic incident in August

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"He’s out of the hospital, he’s home," the 48-year-old shared with Entertainment Tonight at Variety’s Power of Women event on Thursday, agregando, "he has care and they’re trying to build up his strength to get open hea...

Video captures Australian driver narrowly avoiding oncoming traffic

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The Northern Territory Police Force is investigating the Sept. 22 incident in Coconut Grove. A Toyota Hilux pickup was seen driving towards Darwin City around 5 pm. when the female driver lost control, la policía dijo. ...

Más que 300 personas están involucradas en la persecución de un sospechoso después de que un ayudante del alguacil de Florida recibió un disparo durante una parada de tráfico

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Más que 300 la gente está buscando a un sospechoso acusado de disparar y matar a un ayudante del alguacil de Florida durante una parada de tráfico. El diputado del condado de Nassau, Josh Moyers, recibió dos disparos durante una parada de tráfico en el oído de Callahan..

A Lake Tahoe resident played the violin as his family sat at standstill in Caldor Fire evacuation traffic

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An artist from Lake Tahoe played music while on the road to put the anxiety of evacuating from the Caldor Fire behind him, if only for a moment. Mel Smothers told CNN that he decided to evacuate with his wife, Liz,...

‘Cinderella’ stars James Corden, Camilla Cabello and more mocked for stopping traffic in LA for flash mob

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The film will mark singer Camila Cabello’s debut acting role as she takes on the fairy tale character who defies her evil stepsisters and engages in some hijinx involving a ball, a slipper and magic. sin embargo, an appa...

Wisconsin police officer critically wounded, suspect killed during traffic stop

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Greenfield police officers were conducting a traffic stop shortly after 1:35 soy. near South 35th Street and West Oklahoma Avenue, where the driver briefly stopped before speeding away and crashing several blocks awa...

Obama’s birthday party guests leave early because of traffic ‘sh– show’

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Singer John Legend, model wife Chrissy Teigen, and rapper Takeoff were seen leaving the ex-president’s 29-acre Oak Bluffs seaside property just before midnight by a Post photographer. Legend was heard performing for ...

Maryland aunt of children found dead in car during traffic stop drove around with them for months

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Nicole M. Johnson, 33, faces multiples charges, including neglect and first-degree child abuse that resulted in the death of a child under the age of 13, for the deaths of Joshlyn Johnson, 7, and 5-year-old Larry O’N...

Arkansas state troopers fired at twice in one week during traffic stops

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The first incident was on Tuesday at 10:30 soy. when suspect Stevie Maxwell, 37, refused to stop his vehicle and allegedly shot at Arkansas State Police Corporal Steve Roberts from inside his vehicle. ARKANSAS CRACKS...

3 indicted for attempted murder and assault of an Illinois police officer during traffic stop

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A routine traffic stop in a Chicago suburb turned violent after a driver and two passengers allegedly assaulted the police officer by beating and strangling him. El miércoles, Aurora, Illinois, officials announced t...

Stuck in traffic, Sergio makes it to the course in time

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He started the day bracing for the worst because of a traffic jam. "Even though I left the house with plenty of time, I needed a little bit of help from a couple of very nice English policemen on bikes to get me here...

Hombre acusado después de presuntamente disparar AK-47 a agentes de policía durante una parada de tráfico

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"Fueron disparos," se escucha a un oficial de policía decir en un video del incidente de julio 3 alrededor 9:30 pm. El Departamento de Policía de Dyersburg declaró que tres oficiales estaban realizando una parada de tráfico cuando se levantaron..

New traffic cameras know if you’re buckled up

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Something watching over them, es decir. Queensland, Australia, is deploying new traffic camera technology that can detect if a car's front seat occupants are buckled up or if a driver is using their cellphone. The te...

Maryland sheriff outraged after Dem councilman interferes with traffic stop of Black driver

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Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins, un republicano, put Democratic county Councilman Kai Hagen on blast Wednesday, accusing the Democrat of putting a sheriff's deputy in danger by interfering in a routine traffic s...

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