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‘Cobra Kai’ begin die nuwe seisoen met 'n aksiebelaaide lokprent

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"Cobra Kai" skop weer in hoë rat met 'n sleepwa vir sy nuwe seisoen. Toe die show sy tweede seisoen afsluit, die situasie was onseker, as Miguel was in rough shape after a karate showdown at sch...

‘Kom 2 Amerika’ lokprent wys Eddie Murphy keer terug na Zamunda

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Eddie Murphy is terug in sy koninklike vaderland Zamunda in "Kom 2 Amerika." Die eerste amptelike lokprent vir die langverwagte vervolg het gedaal, en voormalige prins Akeem (gespeel deur Murphy) is nou nuut bekroon ...

‘Godzilla vs Kongtrailer gives first glimpse of epic monster showdown

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Hollywood has rocked the internet with a glimpse of a monster new offering -- "Godzilla vs Kong." Movie fans around the world have reveled in the trailer, which runs for almost two-and-a-half minutes and features ju...

‘Riverdale’ drops drama packed Season 5 sleepwa

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The trailer for "Riverdale" Seisoen 5 is here and it's packed with drama. Die vertoning, returning to The CW in January 2021, picks up where it left off, with the students of Riverdale High in their final year. The trai...

‘Silence of the Lambssequel ‘Claricereleases first trailer

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A two-minute trailer for "Clarice" has been released, and it's a haunting look at the upcoming "Silence of the Lambs" sequel television series. Rebecca Breeds stars as FBI agent Clarice Starling, who takes a case in...

'Die kroon’ Seisoen 4 trailer previews a royal wedding

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Once upon a time, "Die kroon" Seisoen 4 trailer made us lose our minds. That was this morning. In the newly released sneak peek at the new season of Netflix's crown jewel, viewers are given their first peek at the ...

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Seisoen 4 trailer is here

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Elisabeth Moss's June is on the run in the new teaser for Season 4 van "The Handmaid's Tale." There's eery silence on the road as she tries to get to Canada after escaping Gilead. Ann Dowd's Aunt Lydia knows it's no...

‘WandaVision’ trailer debuts during Emmys

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Marvel fans have something to look forward to with "WandaVision" set to debut later this year. A new trailer for the upcoming series for Disney+ debuted during the Emmy Awards. The six episode series about two sup...

A new trailer for the ‘Saved by the Bellreboot is here

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School is back in session at Bayside High. Another look at Peacock's "Gered deur die Bell" reboot has arrived, with a trailer featuring Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Tiffani Thiessen reprising their roles of Zack Morris and...

Cynthia Erivo demands respect as she transforms into Aretha Franklin in ‘Genius: Aretha’ sleepwa

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Cynthia Erivo is putting on the crown of the Queen of Soul in the new trailer for National Geographic's "Genius: Aretha." The Emmy award-winning series is set to return March 21 with a new installment that focuses ...

Eende vlieg saam in nuwe lokprent vir Disney + -reeks 'The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers’

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Disney + is besig om die wêreld van "The Mighty Ducks" vir die eerste keer na live-action televisie. Die nuwe lokprent vir "The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers" is Donderdag deur die streamer vrygelaat, gee ...

Emma Stone is downright mean in new trailer for ‘Cruella

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Emma Stone channels meanness perfectly in the new trailer for Disney's "Cruella." The movie focuses on a young version of the "One Hundred and One Dalmatians" skurk, Cruella de Vil. "In "1970s London, young fashio...

ICE takes one person into custody as authorities search for trailer after 911 oproepe van mense wat beweer dat hulle binne is

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Authorities looking into a suspected human smuggling event after panicked callers to 911 reported being inside a tanker trailer in Texas have taken one person into custody. According to a statement from a US Immigr...

Kim Kardashian West sheds some tears in David Letterman’s ‘My Next Guest’ sleepwa

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Kim Kardashian West is brought to tears in the new season of "My Next Guest Needs No Introduction." In a trailer for Season 3 of David Letterman's Netflex series, Kardashian gets visibly emotional while speaking wit...

Netflix laat sleepwa vir Martin Scorsese se dokumentêr oor Fran Lebowitz

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Netflix het 'n lokprent vir "Maak asof dit 'n stad is," Martin Scorsese se komende dokumentasies wat fokus op die skrywer Fran Lebowitz van New York. Die projek volg op Lebowitz, bekend vir haar spitsvondige humor en sosiale samewerking..

The long-awaited trailer for ‘Dunehas been released

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Viewers were treated to a glimpse of the world Arrakis -- and the giant sandworms that come with it -- after the highly anticipated trailer for "Dune" finally dropped on Wednesday. Based on the 1965 novel by Frank H...

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