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Disney+ debuts trailer for ‘Moon Knight’ serie

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On the spectrum of Marvel heroes, don't expect Oscar Isaac to be a Moon Knight in shining armor. Por lo menos, that's what we can gather from the intense first trailer for the Disney+ series "Moon Knight,' which debute...

Houston police investigating after newborn found buried in trailer park

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Officers responded to a call about 6:30 a.m that infant remains were possibly on the property, according to KTRK-TV of Houston. MICHIGAN WOMAN SENTENCED AFTER TRYING TO HIRE HITMAN FOR HUSBAND ONLINE Later, police s...

'La película de las hamburguesas de Bob’ el trailer esta aqui

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Ordena, "La película de las hamburguesas de Bob" el trailer esta aqui. La vista previa de 90 segundos es un evento muy bienvenido para los fanáticos de la serie que han estado esperando durante años la película que se retrasó debido a la pandemia de Covid-19..

‘Jackass Foreverfinal trailer shows the guys nuttier than ever

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Johnny Knoxville and his boys are back for one more round of hijinks in the final trailer for "Jackass Forever." The sequel is the fourth installment of the "Burro" franquicia, which started as a series on MTV. Los...

‘Fresh Princereboot turns up the drama in its first trailer

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Bel-Air's iconic Fresh Prince is getting a fresh new look, 30 años después. "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," the beloved sitcom starring Will Smith that aired for six seasons in the 1990s, is officially coming back -- ...

Border Patrol officers rescued 25 migrants from a locked, freezing trailer in Texas

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Border patrol agents have rescued 25 undocumented migrants from a locked trailer in Texas where they were left in the cold with no way to escape. Big Bend Border Patrol Sector officers in Sierra Blanca found the mig...

The ‘Ozark’ Temporada 4 trailer delivers the goods

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Netflix's "Ozark" is back for Season 4. The final season of the hit series will feature more of Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) and Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) as they navigate their criminal enterprise in the Missouri ...

New ‘Pam & Tommy’ trailer drops

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The latest "Pam & Tommy" el trailer esta aqui. Hulu dropped a new preview of the upcoming series on Wednesday ahead of the show's Feb. 2 debut. The eight-episode series tells the story of how actress and model Pamela...

Janet Jackson talks Michael Jackson allegations in trailer for upcoming doc: ‘Guilty by association’

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The 55-year-old singer and performer, who also carried success as an actress, spoke out in the upcoming two-part A&E and Lifetime documentary "Janet." "Yeah … guilty by association," Janet admits to producers, wh ...

‘The Batmantrailer starring Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz is released

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The new trailer focuses on the relationship between the two characters, featuring sequences of Batman and Catwoman fighting one another as well as more impassioned, coy exchanges. "You got a lot of cats," Batman tell...

A brand new trailer for ‘The Batmanis here

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"The Batman" has a new action-packed trailer. The upcoming DC film, starring Robert Pattinson as Batman and Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman, shows Batman trying to defeat The Riddler, played by Paul Dano. The new trailer al...

Doctor Strange is in a big mess in teaser trailer for sequel film

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If you're one of the tens of people who have yet to see "Hombre araña: Sin camino a casa," here's something that's new to you: the teaser trailer for "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness." The trailer, shown to peo...

‘The Northmantrailer starring Alexander Skarsgård is here

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If the current state of the world is not intense enough for you, perhaps travel back to the time of the Vikings in "The Northman" remolque. The star-studded cast for the upcoming revenge film features Alexander Skars...

‘How I Met Your Fathertrailer has dropped

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El primer tráiler de "How I Met Your Father" is here. los "How I Met Your Mother" spinoff series for Hulu tells the story of how Sophie, played by Kim Cattrall, meets her son's father. Cattrall appears in the trail...

Daniel Radcliffe is a maniacal rich guy in ‘The Lost City’ remolque

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The trailer for "The Lost City" might be the best one you watch all year. No trailer this year has filled me with as much anticipatory glee as this one. In the film, Sandra Bullock plays a reclusive author Loretta...

"Animales fantásticos: El tráiler de Los secretos de Dumbledore ve a Mads Mikkelsen reemplazando a Johnny Depp como Grindelwald

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La tercera entrega de la "Harry Potter" franquicia "Bestias fantásticas y dónde encontrarlas" y "Los crímenes de Grindelwald" ha lanzado su primer tráiler y con él crea el siguiente nivel de intriga en el ...

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