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‘Wild Travelshost suffers head injuries after being robbed on Chicago train

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Will Clinger was on the Chicago Transit Authority Red Line around 8:30 nm. when he sat in a mostly empty car while headed to meet a friend, he told the Chicago Tribune. He said he was on his phone when a woman snatc...

Sexton says Musk’s Twitter buy is bad news for the left: ‘Rocket-boosters on the midterm freight train

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Sexton also said the outcry in the left-friendly media is bearing out his prior assertion that the social media landscape has been "gerig" against centrists and conservatives, and that many instances of fact-checkin...

2 killed after a car tried to beat a train at a crossing in Houston

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Two people were killed after their car crashed into an Amtrak train Saturday night in Houston as the vehicle was trying to beat the train at a crossing, amptenare gesê. The car, possibly a Chrysler 300, went around...

Brooklyn train shooting: Children as young as 12 among dozens of victims

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Juvenile victims, including a 12-year-old, were transported to Maimonides Hospital in varying conditions, following Tuesday’s violent attack that injured 29 slagoffers, WABC reported. The children were reported on their...

Liz Cheney says Russian strike on Ukraine train station that killed civilians ‘clearly is genocide

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Republikeinse Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming on Sunday said Russia's missile strike on an eastern Ukraine railway station last week that killed dozens of civilians "clearly is genocide." "I think that Europe needs to under...

Ten minste 30 Praat tydens 'n seremonie ter viering van Iran se nasionale dag van kerntegnologie

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Praat tydens 'n seremonie ter viering van Iran se nasionale dag van kerntegnologie, Praat tydens 'n seremonie ter viering van Iran se nasionale dag van kerntegnologie 30 mense, twee kinders ingesluit, Praat tydens 'n seremonie ter viering van Iran se nasionale dag van kerntegnologie.

Fourth teen arrested in death of good Samaritan struck by train, New York City police say

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A fourth teenager has been arrested in the death of a good Samaritan who was struck by a train while trying to help an assault victim on New Year's Day in New York City, polisie gesê. Noel Rosado, 19, was arrested Fr...

NYC man who fatally pushed Michelle Go into oncoming train deemed unfit to stand trial, DA sê

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In response to the mental evaluation results for Simon Martial, 61, prosecutors have requested two weeks to review the case, the DA's office told Fox News. The case is adjourned until April 19. Fox News has reached ...

Hockey player recalls escaping Ukraine as Russia began invasion, riding the ‘Train of Deathout of country

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Eliezer Sherbatov, a Canadian-Israeli player who was on HC Mariupol of the Ukrainian Hockey League, told TSN he was preparing for a game when a bomb had exploded outside his hotel. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING ...

Brad Pitt is a stylish assassin in action-packed ‘Bullet Train’ sleepwa

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Brad Pitt stars in a highly stylized new movie "Bullet Train," playing an assassin who boards a bullet train filled with trouble. Pitt is Ladybug, sent on a mission to retrieve a briefcase aboard a bullet train, wh ...

Florida train slams car on tracks, driver in stable condition as rail company warns: ‘Tragic yet preventable

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No one aboard the train suffered any injuries at the crossing just before 6 vm., according to Brightline, the regional rail operator. "This was a tragic yet preventable event and the direct result of an individual d...

Chicago man arrested after robbing train conductor at gunpoint in broad daylight, sê owerhede

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The unidentified male suspect, JEN PSAKI BOTS MET LIBERALE MSNBC-gasheer oor BIDEN SE FILIBUSTER FIP-FLOP MARSHA BLACKBURN, was taken into custody in Calumet City, Metra police said Wednesday, adding that charges were pending. CHICAGO WOMAN IS CARJACKING VICTIM FOR SE...

Polisie in Kalifornië in hegtenis geneem 5 suspects in cargo train theft

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Beamptes het gereageer 11:30 nm. Sunday to a call from a witness who saw several suspects appearing to break into a train car on railroad tracks near 190th Street and Hawthorne Boulevard, the Torrance Police Depa...

LA train robberies: Stolen rail cargo thefts include guns, polisiehoof sê

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LOS ANGELES — Thieves breaking into freight trains in Los Angeles have stolen guns from cargo containers, police Chief Michel Moore said. Moore told the city’s board of civilian police commissioners on Monday that "t ...

LA train thefts: DA Gascon responds to Union Pacific concerns

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In Desember 2021, Adrian Guerrero, UP's state director of public affairs in California, sent a letter to the district attorney pointing to rising retail theft crime in LA County over the past year as part of the reas...

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