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HHS’ Dott. Rachel Levine sworn in as USfirst openly transgender four-star officer

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Dott. Rachel Levine, the assistant secretary for health at the US Department of Health and Human Services, made history Tuesday as the first openly transgender four-star officer across the nation's eight uniformed ser...

Il Texas fa causa all'amministratore di Biden per bloccare il mandato transgender sui pronomi, codici di abbigliamento, bagni

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"Gli Stati dovrebbero essere in grado di scegliere la protezione della privacy per i loro datori di lavoro rispetto alle opinioni soggettive sul genere, e questa guida illegale mette a rischio molte donne e bambini," Il procuratore generale Ken Paxton ha detto in uno stato ...

Christian leaders slam Lutheran denomination’s transgender bishop: a ‘revoltagainst God

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The ELCA installed its first openly transgender bishop, il Rev. Megan Rohrer, in a service at San Francisco's Grace Cathedral on Saturday, riporta l'Associated Press. Rohrer will lead one of the church's 65 synod...

Transgender fighter Alana McLaughlin wins MMA debut

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The 38-year-old used a rear-naked choke against Celine Provost to end the match 3 minuti, 32 seconds into the second round. McLaughlin, who began her gender transition after leaving the U.S. Army Special Forces in 2...

Washington man convicted of hate crime in transgender teen’s murder

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A Washington state man was found guilty Friday in the death of a transgender teenager, Nikki Kuhnhausen. David Bogdanov, 27, was convicted of second-degree murder and malicious harassment, according to Clark County ...

A bust of Marsha P. Johnson went up near the Stonewall Inn as a tribute to the transgender activist

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Visitors to New York's Christopher Park this week were greeted by the bust of Marsha P. Johnson, stoic yet softly smiling. She's wearing a tiara on her head, designed to loop live flowers through. It evokes a famous...

Mother sues TSA over request to strip search her transgender teen

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A North Carolina mother is suing the Transportation Security Administration and an agency supervisor for a May 2019 incident involving her transgender teenager who was asked to undergo a strip search at an airport. ...

Virginia school rejects state’s policies for transgender and nonbinary students

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"The school board has received input from many citizens this evening and we have had the opportunity to discuss among ourselves. We have determined we will not take any action on the proposed transgender policies at ...

LGBTQ groups across the US consider a new flag meant to be more inclusive of the transgender community and people of color

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Fifty-five years ago this month, a group of transgender women in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco fought back against police as they arrested patrons at Compton's Cafeteria, a go-to hangout for temporari...

Virginia school board approves controversial transgender policy

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In what was seen as a victory for LGBTQ advocates, the Loudoun County School Board approved the policy by a 7-to-2 vote following hours of debate and after minor amendments were made. "LCPS’ number one priority is to...

La chirurgia transgender per i bambini costituisce abuso sui minori, Regole del commissario del Texas

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"La mutilazione genitale di un bambino attraverso un intervento chirurgico di riassegnazione è un abuso sui minori, soggetto a tutte le norme e procedure relative agli abusi sui minori," Il commissario DFPS Jaime Masters ha scritto in una lettera al governatore Greg Abbott il ...

La sollevatrice di pesi Laurel Hubbard diventa la prima donna transgender a competere alle Olimpiadi, non riesce a registrare un passaggio

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La sollevatrice di pesi neozelandese Laurel Hubbard è diventata la prima donna transgender a competere nei 125 anni di storia delle Olimpiadi lunedì, poiché non è riuscita a registrare un sollevamento nei pesi massimi femminili +87 kg ca..

Suo. Ernst calls on Dem colleagues to protect the ‘integrity of women’s sport’ amid transgender athlete debate

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SUO. JONI ERNST: This is a woman's issue. Certainly Title IX is very important. These athletes fought long and hard to be able to have their own sports. But now those sports are being taken over and dominated by thos...

Jamie Lee Curtis dice che sua figlia è transgender ed è orgogliosa di lei

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Jamie Lee Curtis ha condiviso con orgoglio per la prima volta che il suo bambino più piccolo è una donna transgender. Lo ha annunciato l'attrice vincitrice del Golden Globe -- con il permesso della figlia -- in una nuova copertina inter...

Four parents of transgender boys on the challenges and joys of raising their sons in a world that can be hostile

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For over half an hour on a March afternoon, Arkansas legislators, activists and pediatricians outlined reasons why they considered gender-affirming health care dangerous, arguing in support of a bill that would ban ...

The intentional misgendering of transgender nursing home residents in California is no longer banned, regole del tribunale

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Staff at nursing homes in California are no longer prohibited from deliberately misgendering residents, a California district court ruled this month, saying the ban that was enshrined as part of a 2017 law was a vio...